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One-on-One with Mike Williams


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Jul 16, 2009
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The last thing I wanted to hear early on a Sunday morning was that Big Mike Williams was looking for me.

Williams has lost more than 70 pounds since he signed with the Skins in late April and is down about 100 pounds from his heaviest point, but he's still listed at 6-feet-7, 337 pounds. As you can tell from my picture, I enjoy a good meal, but I wouldn't stand a chance against him.

When Zack Bolno told me Williams wanted to have a few words in private about something I wrote here last week, I figured I should check with Tenecia to make sure we're current on my life insurance. During my 20 years in this business, I've had several closed-door sessions with team executives, coaches and athletes upset about my reporting, and you just never know how these things will end.

I knew what Williams wanted to discuss the moment Bolno mentioned his name. By now, everyone knows Williams is attempting a comeback after last appearing in a regular-season game in 2005, and he's the feel-good story of camp because of his rapid weight loss and good-natured dealings with the media.

When the Skins signed Williams, they said he would be in contention for the starting right tackle spot if he could get his weight under control. But players have told me that Williams, who is well-liked around the complex, is not ready to challenge starter Stephon Heyer or backup Jeremy Bridges for their jobs.

That is a good read. Wish more reporters and players could get it right, together, like we see in this piece.
It's good to see that Williams is a good guy and wanted to get a fair shake from Jason Reid and the WaPo; but what was unfortunately missing from that post was something to indicate that Jason Reid thought he was wrong about his assesment: i.e., that Williams is in fact ready to start again in the NFL. It's not there, because Jason still thinks he is--and probably is--right about how prepared Williams is.

Still gotta root for Williams. :)
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