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One Legged Wrestler Wins National Championship

I watched this on ESPN Saturday night. Definitely a feel good story. This kid shows he didn't see his condition as a handicap.
I agree, its a very inspirational story. He did on one leg what most of us could never do on two.

To play devil's advocate for a second - wouldn't the lack of a leg place him in at least a couple weight classes lower than he should be in? Yes, he's missing a leg so maybe he deserves the advantage, but upper-body wise he's got the strength & size of a weight class or two higher. I don't know wrestling much at all, but I have to imagine that is a good advantage to have. Not to mention, its less for the other wrestler to grab hold of.
Lanky, I heard someone else bring this up. Thing is wrestling is as much about balance and leverage as it is strength.

I think this kid worked extra hard to build up his upper body to compensate for not having a leg. You can say not having a leg helped him since the other wrestler had one less thing to grab, but it also hurt him in several different moves.

Thing is this kid decided he could compete and win with just one leg is amazing. It would have been just as easy to sit in a wheelchair and take pity on himself. Instead he decided to show people he wasn't handicapped.

Heard somewhere this kid also ran a mile on crutches. The kid has determination.
Agreed...was just kind of thinking out loud. All great points - even running a mile on crutches in itself is a ridiculous achievement.
Agreed...was just kind of thinking out loud. All great points - even running a mile on crutches in itself is a ridiculous achievement.

At first I had the same thought, he is an at advantage with his upper body strength. I even thought about the racer with no legs on the springs that caused a heated debate since the springs appeared to give him an advantage over the rest of the field, even though they had legs. But the upper body strength gained could never make up for the disadvantage of wrestling on one leg. Amazing young man.
I read the NY Times article and he said his only advantage was gained from the use of crutches. He said using crutches daily built up his grip. I can see where this would help, since with a strong grip could get and maintain wrist control.
so he stumped his opponant?

Sorry couldnt resist

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