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One Burgundy in a Sea of Silver


The regular season is here and I can begin to wear my favorite redskins jerseys at work at the heavy packed casino. The biggest problem is that this is a Cowboy city. Albuquerque lacks its own professional team. Denver, Oakland, and Dallas are were majority of the population has chose to support. But we can say 75% are cowboys, 15% are broncos, 5% are raiders, 3% are other teams, and 2% Skins fans.

So I will be support my team in a Cowboys environment! Give support for your team no matter where you are even if no one likes your team! Go Skins!

Your fellow fan,

The Burgundy in a Sea of Silver
I'm in Texas, so I know how you feel. Most Houstonians hate Dallas for many reasons, including the Cowboys, so I fit in well. But there are Cowboys fans here, just like those bandwagoners make it to every city.
Those #$@% Boys fans must have forgotten to take a left in Albuquerque. I can't stand bandwagon, out-of-state Pukesters. Way to represent!
It isn't any better in Florida, and we have three home teams here. I see more dallas jerseys, hats, and bumper stickers than all other combined.
Plenty of Cowboys fans here in the Memphis area, but there are a large number of Redskins fans too. One Redskins group meets at a sports restaurant over in Collierville, TN for each game. I hope to make it over there some day. People in this area are passionate about their teams, but I haven't met any that are over the top bat snap crazy. Everyone around here is pretty cool and wishes their opponents well, if not good luck. I like the atmosphere in these parts.

Whenever I wear Redskins gear around here, fans of any team usually talk about how much they actually like our QB. He really commands a lot of respect. It sure feels good to have a Redskins team that is relevant again after all these years.
Try living in Ohio and seeing Steeler fans who are also Ohio State fans, drives me nuts. **** the yellow towel, and **** dallass
It doesn't matter where I live, I grew up in VA and will never change teams! I am making good progress making my wife Skins fan though lol
A lot of Cowboy fans in the ABQ? Explains why a tv drama based on the meth business would choose to base itself there.


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