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OMG! Cerrato OUT, Bruce Allen IN


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Jul 15, 2009
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Sandy Spring, MD
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unconfirmed, but i just received a text from The POST...

CERRATO HAS RESIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They're talking about it on ESPN 980. Guess they want a shot at Holmgren.
Ding dong the witch is dead...well half of her anyway.
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i'm hoping for holmgren as gm...
shanahan 2 is too risky as another version of gibbs 2
and i just don't see cowher kowtowing to snyder
Wish I had some Irish Whiskey to put in my coffee. This is cause for celebration.
snyder must have someone in place, otherwise why would he pull the rug out from underneath his boy?
Oh man, its like Christmas came early!! Wooohooo!!

And how!! I'm dancing a jig like the old coot in Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Now, just one more thing oh Danny Claus. Sit down and shut up!
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cerrato takes the low road by not mentioning zorn in his release statement.
good riddance, vinny, don't let the door bruise your behind on the way out!




I could cry
Wouldn't that be the high-road, not mentioning Zorn?

EDIT: just read the statement and got the context - you are right. Total shot at Zorn.
mentioning assistant coaches, but not the head coach, who (or whom?) he hired, seemed like a sly back-hander to me...
Like I said, you never see it coming with Snyder. :)
Interesting timing. Holmgren is stalled talks with Cleveland and we have Gruden coming in this week for MNF.
right again, henry! could it be snyder is slowly coming around (or stepping back)? we seem to forget that snyder wants to win too...
Christmas has come early!!

I have no idea what this big announcement later today will be but I definitely do not want Holmgren as a GM. His record of making picks as a GM is just horrible. I'm not going to think about that now though. This is great news!!!
early momentum/ speculation seems to be favoring holmgren...
shany is the one that scares me -- i was in denver when he got those two Lombardis. he seemed like a genius back then. for him to fall so far makes me wonder if his time has passed.
People where I work are celebrating.

Now as always with the danny, you have to ask "Why?"

Perhaps he was told by every big name potential coach that they wouldn't touch this place with a ten foot pole if vinny was around

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