Om Field: Trent Williams Joins Select Company at Pick #4

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Apr 11, 2009
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When the Washington Redskins selected Oklahoma LT Trent Williams with the fourth overall pick in last night’s NFL Draft, they placed a qiuite a burden of expectation on the young man. Williams will enjoy the riches and notoriety that come with being a top selection in the NFL, but will also have to prove worthy of the huge financial and strategic investment the team has made in him.

The fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft comes into the league with expectation, at the very least, of being long-time productive starter. But it's more than than ... there is also the general feeling that a player taken that high should become a special player, anywhere from multiple Pro Bowl selections to induction into the Hall of Fame.

Don't take my word for it though. Below is a list of the last forty Number Four overall selections, going back to the 1970 draft and the year of the AFL/NFL merger. This is the company young Trent Williams will forever keep, and against which he will be compared, from this day forward...


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