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Apr 11, 2009
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August 8, 2010

Occasional, recurring short-form posts about
the Washington Redskins, NFL and maybe even life.
Almost like a—what do they call it—blog?​

Have at thee.

ALBERT HAYNESWORTH - so the big man is on the field. I had seriously begun to think that the entire convoluted, fitness-test-"injury"-MRI-are-you-serious-melodrama wasn't a charade presented for public consumption. Wan't sure who was orchestrating it, or if it was just Type A personality bullheadedness and money politics from all sides. But I was pretty close to deciding the man would never take the practice field wearing burgundy and gold again. Am I the only one (besides the old guys in ballcaps in the background) a little surprised at this picture?

RUSS GRIMM - from the ridiculous to the sublime: a Hog is the Hall of Fame. The league finally got it right. No one personified the Hogs and Gibbs glory years better. Grimm was a no-nonsense, blue-collar, bag of sledgehammers, true professional. Big Jake may have had better commercials ...


... but Russ Grimm was—and is—The Man:

CLICK HERE to read more

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Jul 22, 2009
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interesting series of comments on that link there OM.

anywho.....some of us knew the situation had been over dramatized. but..in the I didn't see it coming department....Shanahan handled the whole thing pretty adroitly. while the fans were running amuck...he never hit the airwaves and made a public spectacle of the thing (i.e., they never trieed to provoke the guy which some, ncluding myself, thought was part of the strategy). yes Houston..we have a coach!!!

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