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Om Field: Redskins vs Steelers Review: Defense


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Apr 11, 2009
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There were several Redskins defensive storylines I could have focused on Saturday night, when Washington squared off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Preseason Week Two. You know the kind …Had MLB London Fletcher really lost the half-step he seemed to have misplaced a couple of times against the Ravens in Week One? Did sophomore CB Justin Tryon replace the athletic supporter said marauding

Agreed all around.

I'm curious to see how Blache approaches Brady Friday night. The last two times the Skins faced him, he sliced and diced us enroute to 41-0 and 52-7 laughers. The Skins D looked plodding, slow and utterly defenseless---Brady simply stood at the line, read the alignment, and threw accordingly. Mostly short, quick stuff off a one or three step drop.

No pass rush in the world is going to get to Brady much, he's simply too good at getting rid of the ball to a hot receiver in space. If we get them in a few 3d and long situations, I'll be interested to see if the DL can get a quick enough push to get Brady off his mark, but I have a feeling our success level against them will end up being measured by how well the LB and DB's do in keeping that quick-outlet stuff bottled up and not allow the 3-yard slants and screens to turn into 15-20 yard chunks.

Hell, the way the past two NE "games" have gone, I'd be happy just to see the first string just not give up a TD on every possession they play.

Okay, not really, but you get the drift.
We need to let Campbell stay in until he gets some sort of rhythm going. The guy throws 2 deep balls that were off target and all that does is make him nervous and make the crowd start to grumble. let him stay in there, get something going and either sink or swim. We need to find out what the kid is made out and if he is going to freeze up this year once the war starts and bullets start flying.

I definately agree with this part. It's not like Campbell is our long time franchise QB that we don't want injured. He's still trying to show that he can be the long time fanchise QB that we don't want injured. He needs to stay in just for the work.
If I remember correctly we beat them and broke up one of their big winning streaks. I remember Rod Gardner making a huge catch to help seal their fate.

Pretty sure you're talking about 2003, brother. Spurrier's last season. :paranoid:


We beat them at FedEx in a close game in week 4, which happened to be the last game they'd lose that year on their way to winning their second consecutive SB. You'd think they'd be grateful. Instead they've made party favors out of us every time we've seen them since.

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