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Om Field: Redskins vs Patriots Preview - Meaning, Expectation, Colt & Chase


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As happens every year, the talk all week has been about how Preseason “Game” Three—for the Redskins, against the New England Patriots tonight at FedEx Field—is the most “real” test of the preseason. You know the drill; the starters will play longer, the game-planning will be more complex, the results will be more meaningful.I don’t buy it. Never have, never will. To me it’s simply the high

Realism is a harsh mistress who plays no favorites, brother. :)

Tom Brady is on the short list of greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. Arguably at the top of it. That he took advantage of an average team's defense a couple of times--once in preseason--is not all that surprising.

If this were a regular season game tonight, I'd be very curious to see how Blache would deploy his new toys and scheme to stop Brady. Being preseason though, I don't expect he'll do much more than pat his boys on the butt as they run out there with a "go get 'em tiger," and then call his patented EZ Deep Vanilla defense on 90% of Brady's snaps.
Om said:
We remember the ’08 Lions. RIP.

Apparently some people don't want to forget the '08 Lions. I can't imagine why.

Om, I tend to agree with your analysis. especially concerning the importance-or lack thereof-of the preseason in not only predicting regular season success but in instilling a sense of "what the team is like" on the part of fans. My impression is that, like Zorn has apparently been doing, a lot of coaches are using the preseason as an extended version of training camp-try different team set-ups under a variety of game conditions both to learn how the players react-who's going to work out and who isn't-and also to judge which offensive and defensive schemes will work best against a variety of playing styles with the available player resources.

I perceive a strong desire on the part of many fans for a "show-me-whatcha got" type of preseason gameplay. Possibly this may, at least partially, be due to the end of the off-season hiatus, the anticipatory, adrenalin-pumping anxiousness for the start of the season, a "Hey guys, get my juices flowin', willya?'" feeling directed toward the team that causes frustration when it clashes with the above-mentioned strategic/tactical-analysis view of the coaching staff toward the preseason games. For this reason, I don't put a lot of emphasis on how the 'Skins do against the Pats tonight-yes, Brady is one of the best quick-release quick-decision-making QBs the NFL has ever seen-and for that reason alone the Pats will be a tough nut to crack-but, at the same time, a good test for the revamped defense as well as the offense-and a good intro to the game realities they'll be up against during the season-and perhaps better for the 'Skins-since, as I mentioned elsewhere, they won't be facing a string of opponents of the Ravens, Steelers, Pats calibre during the regular season.

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