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Om Field: Redskins vs Bills - 12 Quick Wishes


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Apr 11, 2009
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August 12, 2010

We're getting close.

Tomorrow night's preseason game between the Redskins and Buffalo Bills may not be all that meaningful big picture-wise, but there are certain things I hope to see. The order of importance in which I've listed them is subjective, of course, but perhaps one or two will resonate...

12) I want to see some long, lingering looks at the renovated digs. It took 13 long years, but it seems Jack Kent Cooke Stadium may finally be "finished." The old Lite-Brite scoreboard was cute. Thing is, if it ain't holding pom-poms, there is no cute in football.

11) It won't take long for the cameras to focus on the Redskins' owners box. And that's cool. Not seeing this alone makes this affair Tivo-worthy:


10) I'm curious to see what new name(s) will jump into the discussion. Who will do something--good or bad--to catapult their name(s) to the top of the message boards? For the first time in eight long months we will get to see a Redskin do something on the field worth discussing. Here's hoping it's more along the lines of a McNabb-to-Thomas-TD-bomb than a Trent-Williams-getting-burned-and-McNabb-crushed variety.

9) I'd like to see the first string, on both sides of the ball, hold their own. I'd love to see a 17-0 halftime lead, don't get me wrong. But I'll settle for a unspectacular 3-3 and looking like a real NFL team waking up from hibernation. Like you'd expect of a competitive team in the first preseason game. Just don't give me 17-0 down and looking like someone forgot to set the alarm.

That would be bad.

8) I'd like to see signs of cohesion on the offensive line. Zone blocking is less about mano-a-mano matchups than it is synergy; about knowing what the guy next to you is going to do and having him do it. First preseason game or not, watching one too many offensive lineman standing with hands on hips after a blown-up play and starging at a teammate with that unmistakable, "Dude you were supposed to have him" vibe ...

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Hey, I can WANT everything. Doesn't mean I'll be bummed if I don't get ALL of it.

I'll probably settle for #1, to be honest.
Didn't see that partridge in a pear tree :smile2:

Dayum, you be on a roll, I like it.

Should make for good discussion post game.
Number 11: It's preseason Danny. Lose the suit and wear a nice Redskins polo. In the words of Riggo, "Lighten up, Danny".
I just wish it was on TV in NC. You guys are spoiled :)
It's on the NFL channel from what I understand. I've learned a long time ago to not put much into the preseason. I'll still look forward to watching it . I know not to get too high or low on the game. I'll be watching intently hoping for no significant injuries throughout the preseason.
well....it's the first preseason game.....no gameplan......

1) It would be nice to see one or two unexpected youngsters (i.e., not high round picks) shine. This team has gone heavy on the vets, but it would be nice to know the base is being rejuvenated.

2) no injuries.

3) execution. mistakes will be made....but in some unidentifiable way...we'll be able to tell whether there is a team or just a collection of individuals.

4) play selection. granted, it will be vanilla...but just the same....I'm looking for tell-tale differences from last season's debacle.
Number 11: It's preseason Danny. Lose the suit and wear a nice Redskins polo. In the words of Riggo, "Lighten up, Danny".

I believe you forgot the all important "...baby." :laugh:
After thinking about it for awhile, I'd really like to see the D force a couple turnovers.*

*on top of no injuries, of course.
I pretty much checked off the entire list. There were some variations of who did what but all-in-all can’t complain about the first preseason game of the season.

No. 5 looked a little “iffy” early on but the guys seemed to settle down as the game progressed, as did the whole team.

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