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Om Field: Redskins New DL Coach Jacob Burney


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The Daily Redskin 1.20.10 In the*scathing piece about the defensive struggles in Denver*over the past few seasons, one coach*who does not get fingered*for*sins therein*is the Redskins latest coaching hire, Defensive Line Coach Jacob Burney. I cannot vouch for the author of the piece excerpted below (beyond acknowledging his*sweet profile pic), but as I have come to discover, if you really want

"And what the hell---if you have to have a mug shot circulating the web, it might as well be one that makes you look a total bad ass." :claps:


Yes, sir Mr. Burney, we can move Mr. Orakpo to the line. Whatever you want Mr. Burney.

Seriously, it looks like a good hire and he will be one of the few position coaches that actually has some toys to play with.
This guy I like already. O.K., all we Redskins fans that want a D that scares the absolute crap out of an offense and makes opposing teams think "Oh, s**t..not that bunch of thugs-jeez, we got enough stretchers on hand?"-get ready to start salivating.
Looks like a "Weekend at Burney's" won't be much of a picnic for our D-Line. ;)
Looks like a "Weekend at Burney's" won't be much of a picnic for our D-Line. ;)
HaHa! Very good, my friend. Very good indeed.

Now, this guy's resume jumps off the page. No reason to think he won't be able to do as good here, as he has elsewhere.

Good luck, Mr. Burney

Yes sir, Mr. Burney

Whatever you say, Mr. Burney

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