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Om Field: Redskins '09: Dead Team Walking


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Apr 11, 2009
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By the end their embarrassing week three loss to the Detroit Lions, a team doing its best to threaten the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ all-time NFL futility standard, it was becoming clear the 2009 Washington Redskins were not going to contend for a championship. By the end of their stultifying, belly-up week six loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, winless in 2009 and losers of 28 of their last

Indeed, some of us still do care.
I think we all care….most of us a lot more than we are comfortable admitting.
You got it Om. On some subconscious level I'm thinking 'hell with it. lose the rest.' but when I watch the game I can't help myself. I'll keep watching for that 'moment' that suddenly makes things all better.
It's nice to know that at least I'm in good company. Well said, Om.:)
Some call it caring, others call it morbid curiosity. ;)
The thing is we (the fans) do care. If the owner, FO, and majority of players cared as much as we do, then we wouldn't be in this mess.

I would love to see a team full of Phillip Daniel's, London Fletcher's, Chris Cooley's, and Reed Doughty's. An owner that hires a good GM then lets him do his job while he entertains in owner's box. A FO that builds a good team and maintains the team with infusion of talent at all positions.
We're all like a bunch of crack whores - we know it's bad for us and the few highs we get will be far outweighed by the horrid moments of reality...but we just can't bring ourselves to walk away from it all.
I think it's very clear that if you are a user of this sight or any others like it then you care. Why else would you be here? I love the Redskins, always have and always will. I will watch them as much as a single female parent can (have a 14 year old daughter who could care less and a retail job that requires me to work weekends) and will always root for them to win. I will always have faith that someday soon the team will find its way. We can say all we want about the owner and his hires but we all know he and they don't care what the fans think. They want our money and they want us to make them look good by going to the games and filling the stadium each week. And we do everything they want. We still buy the clothes and and tailgate stuff so we can show our pride no matter what. I however don't and won't dwell on the owner or front office or any of that annoying crap because it just doesn't matter. I have better things to do with my time than worry about something I have no control over. I choose to love the Skins and have fun rooting them on every week. I will continue to watch and yell and root and try to will my Skins to a victory week after week. I will continue to do this for my kids' high school team(8-0 so it's a little more fun even in the rain!), for my beloved Hokies and most of all for the team I've loved since I can remember My Washington Redskins. For me it's the game as much as anything. Having my special teams to cheer on every week just makes it better no matter if they win or lose. I will continue to watch and enjoy the Skins and know that someday it will be better for them as a team.
the Redskins are bad. but they are performing in the league in a year when there are a LOT of bad teams.

The Redskins will probably stand a chance of beating the Raiders and will probably rise up and upset either Dallas or NY in one of those final games.

So, the Skins will end up with a 4 or 5 win season.

There is a good chance the Lions, Browns, Bucs, Rams and Titans are ALL going to have worse records than that.

Unfortunate as it may seem a 4-12 Redskins team could end up with ONLY the #6 pick in the draft.
Could not have said it better myself. I will always be a Redskins fan. I may not be a Snyder fan, but I cannot help who has the money to pay for a team. I can, however, root for my burgundy and gold. And not picture the owner wearing it.

I remember everything you remember, Om...I was at Superbowl XVII when Riggons did the infamous 4th and 1, I was at the 26-3 smashing of the Cowboys to put us in SB VII... I have a lot of good memories. And I only hope that time and loyalty will pay off in the future.

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