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Om Field: Back to The Future is Now


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Apr 11, 2009
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The Daily Redskin 1.21.10

My first memories of the Washington Redskins date back to 1971, when my family, and a football coach named George Allen, arrived in Washington, DC.

I was ten.

I was new to town, new to the game, and I fell in love with latter at first sight.

The Over-the-Hill Gang. Sonny. Billy. Larry Brown. Charlie Taylor. Charlie Harraway. Jack Pardee. Len Hauss. Diron Talbert...

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Extremely fond memories of the George Allen era. I still have the three Redskins book I purchased during that time. George Allen's "The Future Is Now", Brig Owen's "Over The Hill To The Super Bowl" and Larry Brown's "I'll Always Get Up".

I also have the 45 RPM records of Ted Vactor's "Title Town" and Larry Brown's "He Who Hath Ears To Hear" as well as the 33 1/2 LP of the Redskins highlights from the 1972 season from the WMAL radio broadcasts with play-by-play man, Steve Gilmartin.

Not sure if I still have it, but I recorded the Redskins-49ers playoff game from 1971 off the TV on my old Sears tape recorder. Towards the end of the game the batteries were dying and the play-by-play and our "commentary" sounded like we all had been sucking helium. My nine year old nephew Eddie, who graduated from Edison High School with Boone, can be heard to say "Kilmer, you suck" after an INT. ;)

Great memories and a great time to be a young Redskins fan.
I remember the Allen era very well. Unfortunately was older than 10 in 1971. Remember when Lombardi came here.

Anyway...loved what Allen did for this team. It was Allen that fueled the Cowboy vs. Redskin rivalry.

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