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okung - williams- + others

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Jul 16, 2009
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5. Okung isn’t a franchise left tackle
Teams like Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung, but he’s not a nasty mauler with great upper body strength. And he’s not consistent. When teams describe him in relation to other offensive tackles, he always comes in a clear notch below the Cleveland Browns’ Joe Thomas(notes), and some think he won’t even be a left tackle in the NFL. Not exactly what you want to hear if you’re drafting in the top five and want a Pro Bowl anchor on the left side.

Said one personnel man, “Okung is the consummate pro and a good soul, but ultimately that guy would be nice around 15 through 19. When you’re talking about the single digits [with Okung], people are concerned about that.”

6. Williams is actually the most highly skilled tackle available
Like Okung, Trent Williams of Oklahoma is not overly nasty, either. But he is extremely athletic, and teams think he could sustain that even if he got into the 320-pound range. He’s got great balance, great feet, good arm length and has at times punished defenders with his hands. Essentially, he’s got a maximum amount of tools and ability to work with to become a true franchise left tackle.

Said an NFC source: “If you’re just looking at skill, and take away all the other stuff, he’s far beyond Okung. [Williams] has much more skill and athleticism. He’s definitely a left tackle and he could also play right.”


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Jul 15, 2009
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Navy Salisbury

I personally think Okung is the best pass blocker in the draft and that's why I'm high on him.

His run blocking is solid but could improve.

Now Williams looks like a nasty run blocker, but you wonder about how good he'll be as a pass blocker at LT. From what I've heard from draft podcasts, from Kiper and McShay and through messageboards and all my other sources is that Williams is right now an excellent RT but will have to improve and get used to the LT position. That said, he has a very high upside and I really think the Skins may take him at #4.

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