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Oh, the old familar faces/What brought you here


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Dec 9, 2009
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Greenville, NC
Greetings, salutations and hello. I'm the new guy. Some of you might remember me as "dcnativenerd" a while back before I was banned (for reasons still unkown to me) from extremeskins.com. It's nice to see some familar names here and I cannot wait to talk Redskins football (among other things) with all of you here.

I am curious, though, as to how all of you found this site. I was reading through the ES forums (yes, I know I was banned, but it still gives me a chuckle or two to read some of the threads) and I found a link that brought me here.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well and I'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate this time of year, if anything at all).

Welcome :cheers:

Since the owners here are all former ES staffmembers (and are still pretty fond of the place), we didn't want to appear to be 'competing' with other sites. Fact is - we aren't. We have our own unique take on what BGO is supposed to be all about. We're not huge, don't pine to be - we are trying to promote intelligent, civil, but still passionate conversation about our Skins. That's tough to do on the larger sites. But it's what this place is about.

So we've never posted links to BGO on other big messageboard sites.

We have figured all along that the right people would find us eventually. We've already got a great little community going here, and it's only going to get better. If there's anything you, or any of our new members need help with, or would like to see the site offer, we always want to know those things.

By the way, we have an 'Introductions' thread in the 'Gateway' forum. Hope you guys will take a few seconds to our 'What We're About' section, and tell us a little about yourselves if you would like to.

Enjoy the site and again, welcome!
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When John Keim left CPND someone posted a link to Warpathconfidential.com and they have a link to this site. So I followed it and ended up here, looked around and liked what I saw.

Of course I'm new here so I'm behaving myself, keeping my feet off the table and calling everybody sir (except for Bondie of course :blush:)

I don't see anybody from CPND here and I never really spent much time around ES so I guess you would say I'm a stranger amoung friends.
Nope - you're just a new friend Alaskan :)
...I guess you would say I'm a stranger amoung friends.

And so far have given us, well at least me, some good reading material. Thanks and welcome!

Welcome aboard to you as well, sonofDC!
boone, om, elephant, sarge, serv, bulldogs twin, henry, lanky, etc.

those are what brought me here and they are what keep me here.

I remember you from ES. Welcome and stay gold Ponyboy!!
Mike?! Man, you were one of my favorites on ES. I missed talked to you after they kicked me out. :-D
I hear Blondie is posting here, too. She was another favorite of mine.
I am a former ES member, which never got banned, just didn't like the direction they took. For some time have bounced around different Skins sites and another friend suggested BGO.

Like others it was good to see familiar faces. For an old fart that is a good thing.
Well, I will admit I did have two accounts. I used a e-mail address my Junior year of school and it was disconnected. I figured I had to make a new account since my e-mail didn't work. Also, I forgot the password to the first one. Pretty silly now that I think about it. Oh well. Ancient history now.

My age, though, was real. It's just that I like to keep things in proper historical perspective, so I would often cite things from before my time; which probably made me suspicious.
hey welcome. I don't get here as often as I should, some old crazy habits are hard to break (ES). But I do love this site.
HELLO!!! I am so glad to see you here!! I have not been to ES since the end of last season. I love the conversation here and the knowledge base. Football talk is fun again!! Welcome to your new home!! I will NOT however, clean up after you! LOL ;-)
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Good to see you here. I echo a lot of the sentiments that have been posted in this thread.

Ditto what Blondie said about football discussions. At some sites, there are many who think of themselves as an expert and will constantly insult you if one positive word comes from your keyboard - or if they disagree with you. I feel for those who try to make it something good and then a gang of crazies try to destroy it.

I like the respect that is afforded to everyone and by everyone at BGO.
The "other site" has just become really repetitive, and offers nothing new. This site makes it actually possible to have intelligent debate without the white noise.

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