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Official NASCAR Thread


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Aug 1, 2009
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Joe Gibbs racing is my favorite even though he runs Toyotas. And so it begins.
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It begins with that? Could you have been a little more underwhelming if you had tried? Dang. It's like one of those first-grade "what did you do on your summer vacation papers" that's one line. "I went tu tha beech."

I mean, can't we dedicate this thread to Carl Edwards, and the memory of his career or something? (Shut up Mike, at least Carl HAD a career to lose.) :)

Oh, and just as a personal favor to me, if any of you see Denny Hamlin, could you kick him in the knee for me? And Kyle. Kick him in the face, please.

But Joey gets a free pass this week. The "his wife wears the firesuit in the family" may have been the funniest thing I've EVER heard a driver say. Good for the kid, standing up for himself.
Mike, some day I've got a very funny Jeff Gordon story for you. It's just too long to write out right now. But, I could NEVER root for the Rainbow warriors. No! But I said the same thing about Dale Sr. and was very pleased to see him win Daytona.
smoke's going to hurt that boy for that comment. dont get him beat up too badly now..lol

carl had a career? How many championships did he win in that career of his? hmmm....

i used to like denny..but the move to toyota makes me not. and kylie..man i just want to rip his face off like an angry chimp!!

Nah, man, you got your Smokes and your Happies mixed up. See, Tony Stewart goes by Smoke because he used to win a lot. And when you win a lot, you do burnouts that make smoke. Kevin Harvick is called Happy because he always looks pissed off.

It's OK. We'll bring you casual NASCAR fans along. Lemme guess, you're not a big fan of the sport, so you liiiiike.....Dale Earnhardt Jr? Am I right? :laugh:

Now, as for Carl, he's won as many championships as Jr. We've been over this. But then, you used to rag on me all the time because I was a fan of all the Roush teams, in addition to my favorite driver, so I know you're not gonna bust out Jimmie and Jeff on me, are you? ARE YOU?! Are you really what you get when you cross a four-toothed pacoderm with a good southern side dish? (A hippo-grit?) :)

And I hate Denny for the same reason I hated Jeff back in the day. He wins all the damned time. When he sloughs off like Jeff has, he'll be OK in my book. I do admire his toughness.

Damn I missed this. I'm soooo flooding you with texts tomorrow.
oops..i meant happy. happy is going to hurt that boy.

haha..you got that one to make a crack, ill give you that. but any time you try to say that carl has a career you just even yourself right on up with the mixup i had.

You're right. A nine-win season to Jr. is like.....it's like....well, we'll find out what it's like if he ever does it.

MikeSr619 said:
i figured if i was going to be talking to you in here that i would need to have at least 5 drivers o keep up with you. you like mark, paul, luke, john, and beavis is it?

It's funny that you left out Matthew. He's the only one out of that bunch that I follow in NASCAR. Paul Menard sucks. John Force drives funny cars. And Beavis thinks you're a cornholio. :)

I can't believe that as much grief as you've given me the last couple years cheering for Carl, then all the other Roush drivers, that you'd happily end up rooting for Jeff and Jimmie. It's pretty convenient to just on a whim add 8 championships to your resume of "favorite drivers." I can understand a fellow Redskin fan's desire to front-run, but that borders on the ridiculous.

It wouldn't be so bad if you hadn't ripped me a new one for rooting for a team. The difference is, I've been a Roush fan for about 25 years. That was way before their first championship. Back when Mark Martin was ACTUALLY a kid, and still driving for Folgers and Winn-Dixie.

Oh well. Enjoy your adopted championships, I guess. I certainly enjoyed the two my favorite team won, while they were actually my favorite team. You gonna go be a Steelers fan now too? You know they have six Lombardis, right? Go claim 'em!!

Mikesr619 said:
i hated jeff because he used to show up to tracks in dockers carrying a briefcase..guess im old fashioned but drivers should be greasy and blue collared.

its on boy...yee haw!!

You hated Jeff for the same reason as the rest of us; he won all the damned time. If he would've been just another pretty boy who never accomplished anything, he would've been like Scott Speed. Dude wears NAIL POLISH, but who hates Scott Speed?

Oh yeah. It's definitely on. You, your driver, your adopted team, your manufacturer, and your owner (whose name is Rick Hendrick, BTW, No "s" on the end)....all the suck. :moon:
I'm a Roush/Ford fan. This hasn't been the best of years. Hopefully they will get the new engine figured out.

As for Hendrick...can't bring myself to cheer for the Evil Empire. I respect Jimmy Johnson as he and Knaus seem to have great chemistry. Mark Martin is another driver you have to respect. Jeff Gordon is another story.

Problem with Gibbs Racing is the brand they drive.

Well...as long as Ford is winning in showrooms then all is well.
Well...as long as Ford is winning in showrooms then all is well.


In the grand scheme, I agree! I would love to see Ford more successful racing as well though.
OK, so you still hate Gordon then? And like I said, do you therefore hate Scott Speed? I mean, if a "yuppie" has no place in the sport, a nail-painter sure as hell doesn't, right? (Danica exempted. She doesn't belong because she can't drive. :laugh: )

As for Carl, no, he didn't win a championship that season. And I admitted his career has fallen off the cliff of late. You could say the same thing about Jr. if he had built himself a cliff to fall off of.

Course, you used to say Nationwide titles don't count. (Like you said people that root for entire teams were losers who were hedging there bets.) But I guess that's probably gonna change now too, since that's the only possible argument you can make for Jr. having a more successful career than Carl.

If Jr. wasn't an Earnhardt, and didn't sell the gear that he does, Rick Hendrick would have someone else in that seat. Unless he wanted to bring in Jr. once in a while to be a plate-track ringer. :laugh:
Oh no! What have I done?
if if if..you want to live off of ifs? if his name wasnt earnhardt he wouldnt have all the same pressure. do you ever wonder why superstar athletes kids never make it big? walter paytons son played football but he isnt anywhere near his dad's level. neither is jordan's kid.

I don't begrudge the kid for having an "in" into the sport. If I had one, I sure as hell would have taken it.

But honestly, if you want to make the comparison, Sweetness and MJ's kids didn't make it because they didn't have the talent their dads did. I don't think they were world-class athletes who cracked under the pressure of a name. World class athletes generally don't do that.

MikeSr619 said:
and not to make up any excuse but his pop died in front of him. not technically i know, but you know what i mean. plus that big fire he had in the corvette race (remember that?) I dont think he ever fully recovered from either of those.

OK, look, I'll talk **** in fun all day long, but you've heard me say often how much I respect Jr. for getting back in the car after losing his dad at Daytona. I personally can't imagine going through the corner where my dad died 200 times in a day. But surprisingly, Daytona is one of his best tracks. I would think if that was still hanging over his head consciously, he'd struggle there.

I cannot imagine what that kid went through in February of 2001. My heart shattered for him that day. I'll never forget seeing him sprinting up pit road toward the 3. Like I said, I'll talk junk about the other stuff, but when you get right down to it, I do respect what June's overcome. No doubt.

And as far as the Corvette crash goes, I can understand that too. Derek and I have talked about Carl losing his edge, and wondered outloud if it had anything to do with his Wright-Brothers-style flight at 'Dega.

MikeSr619 said:
but with that said he does need to pick it up. he is totally capable of it and with sitting 16th he still has an outside shot at making the chase.

I look forward to the day that Junior (and Carl, selfishly) is in the Chase yearly, and competing for CHAMPIONSHIPS. As I've told you before, his success is good for the sport as a whole.

Oh no! What have I done?

You have reunited a couple of boys in our favorite thing to do; talk **** about each other's drivers. You should receive a Nobel Prize for your efforts. You've certainly done more to earn one than Gore or Obama. :laugh:
wait...before i let this slide his "in" wasnt off of his daddy's name. he won how many busch titles before coming up? he earned his right to race with the big boys and came out blazing...

Ah yes. There's the formerly-meaningless Busch title reference. This is almost too easy. :laugh:

You really don't think his name and access had anything to do with getting those Busch rides? Really? Like I said, I don't hold anything against him for that. But what has he done racing against what you used to consider the "real" big boys?

Mikesr619 said:
just because carl was at the dance doesnt mean he was being courted now. nobody and i mean NOBODY was catching the 48 these past 4 years...and carl collapsed like a fat man trying to tie his shoes last year

It remains a fact that he got into the position to collapse. I'd rather be the Caps than a Junior club that doesn't even make the dance.

You're a Redskin fan too, so I understand your inability to understand playoffs. But it's better to get there and lose than not get there. Especially in racing, where you don't get to draft a better driver the following season.
it's not official until the guru makes his presence known.


it's now official.
just because carl was at the dance doesnt mean he was being courted now. nobody and i mean NOBODY was catching the 48 these past 4 years...and carl collapsed like a fat man trying to tie his shoes last year

I call :bsflag:

If the good ole' boys had left JGR alone last year, Kyle would have walked away with the championship! They just couldn't stand the way the "foreign cars" were blowing up and took action half way through the season calling it an "unfair advantage". Of course that is speculation on my part but that's my story and I 'm sticking to it! But, if it weren't JGR I sure wouldn't be rooting for the Toyotas in any other scenario.
more horsepower? no. but jgr and hms do have two areas of advantage. both organizations refine their own motor oil. each year, they make it a little better. right now, jgr has a slight advantage.

rfr is behind because of chassis. it will take six months to change it for the better. they are already working on 2011 and could show some improvement before the year ends.

look for the 38 team to get a major penalty this week. that will bump them out of the top 35 and put robby gordon back in.

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