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Official Game Thread: Redskins @ Rams


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Jun 30, 2009
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What do you say...two and row?
Saffold playing, Garcon out.
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Hope Carriker is alright.

Turrible call on London.
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Taz is ready.. I just got home and we're already up 7-0.. what the heck.. be in chat room shortly.


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Rams doing what they want on offense. Worrisome.
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Robert Quinn just WHIPPED Trent Williams on that sack. Damn.
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RG3 is going to die behind this offensive line.
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Man, these refs are deciding the game so far. No replay on the Quinn penalty, what happened?
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Can someone cover Danny Amendola? Sheesh.
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Man, its weird getting the majority of bad calls go our way!
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Danny Smith absolutely sucks!!! There's no way to deny it or defend him any longer. Rocca takes wayyyy too long to kick it also.
How were neither of those roughing the passer? Awful.
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Banks sucks the sweat off a dead man's balls.

Also, I guess the defenseless receiver rule doesn't exist anymore.
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Trent Williams having his worst game as a Redskin, by far.
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This game has been horrid. Griffin takes three smacks to the head while on the ground, with no calls. And how that wasn't an illegal hot to the head on Davis is beyond me. We haven't played great, but come on...the one on Davis is an obvious fine even.
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Its not the owners, its the NFL. Owners have nothing to do with the ref strike, but I bet Goodell's office will get calls from a bunch of ANGRY owners this week. Some TERRIBLE calls this week. TERRIBLE!
Like I have been saying in a few threads and in chat (sort of - when I could actually post something), this game had a certain feel to it that said "loss". And so it happened.

The last play. That is not in Cundiff's range. Never has been. Never will be. You got RG3 for a reason. Let him win it if possible or get you back into FG range. This is not rocket science and the coaching staff tried to make it as such today.

We go back to being a joke in the PFT comments and rightfully so. I still say 7-9 this year and we won't have a winner until the true losing culture is gone from this team for good.

So, who is a loser on this team?

A. Jim Haslett. He is not a winner. He never has been and he will never be a winner in this league. We're giving up 31.5 points a game thus far and if it wasn't for the Saints missing their head coach, it could be far worse.

B. Danny Smith. A game or two of miscues along the way will happen. This has been going on for years. It is time to pull the plug and get a young, enthusiastic coach tomorrow. No more waiting - just do it now. Like the commentator said in this game - teams will be trying to block a punt in each game for the rest of the season. If Smith remains the ST coach, it will happen again - perhaps three or four times. Hey, it happened FIVE times last year. We're on pace to break that dubious distinction. It's time for Smith to go.

You can't fire Haslett until after the season, but it would not hurt the team at all to fire Danny Smith first thing tomorrow.

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