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Official Game Day Thread @ Eagles


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Jun 30, 2009
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Season. That is all.
I've switched to Ravens-Bears.

Watching the stadium in Chicago being evacuated ahead of a possible tornado is better than watching Ryan Kerrigan cover Shady McCoy.
Or Bret Celek running through our entire back seven.
Or our offensive line attempting to pass protect.
We are slow and un-athletic at far too many positions.

Dead giveaway.
I hope McCoy shredded his hamstring for that **** he pulled before the game. Sometimes instant karma is a beautiful thing.

As far as the Team goes, we look pathetic on all aspects.....
Judging box score looks like the skins dressed the practice squad.
Holy cow Alfred is getting fed....passing game that bad or is he beasting?
Holy cow Alfred is getting fed....passing game that bad or is he beasting?

He's beasting and the passing game sucks.

You can't win when you can't be balanced.

This is what happens when you run every down. You get nice stats, but eventually they stop you; typically when it matters. First two downs were runs, stopped for 0 yards, putting us in 3rd and 10 and we get sacked.

This team just can't execute. Alfred Morris is the only person worth a crap on offense right now.

edit: that's not fair, garcon and reed are also very good but they're just covering them. showing that we have no other weapons. griffin just isn't having a good year accuracy wise (he misses open guys) and the o line sucks when they get behind and are forced to drop back pass.
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Welcome to the 'wheels have officially fallen off' portion of the season. We all know it well. :)

Our only hope now is that McCoy is really out and maybe their offense stalls. It's a faint hope, but that's all there is.
It appears these guy have begun mailing in the season. Maybe even mailing it in for the coach.
My wife asked me what was the one thing wrong. I laughed, and thought to myself, "If only there were just one thing wrong."

Top to bottom - this team is bad. Very bad.

The clock management in last possession of the first half showed me just how much confidence the coaching staff has in this offense: ABSOLUTELY NONE!
People were all over me last week for being a Debbie downer.

Realistically you could keep these players and cut the others and upgrade:

Trent Williams
Cofield (DT in 4-3)
Jenkins ((DT in 4-3)
Jackson (SAM in 4-3)
Amerson and Thomas (potential?)

That's about it. Perhaps a couple of others like Brandon Jenkins if we could ever see them play.

About a third of a contending team.
They're making it exciting.

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