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Official Game Day Thread: Bears @ Redskins


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Aug 4, 2009
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I know there's gotta be some lurkers/pregame messageboard tailgaters here... Skins/Bears...talk about it.......

The Bears Dline has been decimated by injuries, we have to take advantage of that and get Morris cranked up to take some pressure off RG3.

More manageable third downs will be key to getting him in a rythmn and picking up the offense.

This in turn would help a defense, that feels like it's been stranded on Gilligan's Island, out immensely.
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Inactives: QB Grossman, S Rambo, OG LeRibeus, TE Davis, RB/R Thompson, NT Neild, OLB Jenkins

Looks like Sleepy is done here.
Edited the title to go with the other game thread titles for easier search and find later on, Diesel.
Inactives: QB Grossman, S Rambo, OG LeRibeus, TE Davis, RB/R Thompson, NT Neild, OLB Jenkins

Looks like Sleepy is done here.

Looks that way doesn't it.... See ya Freddie.

I'd rather have Niles Paul inactive, and Jenkins active. At least Jenkins has been productive when on the field.
I have it Redskins 24-21.

Jobs are on the line.
What's going on around here? No chat thread and very few in chat?

Again, is the internet in use today? I mean, come on.
Love seeing Reed actually being used properly.

On a bad note, Rick Snider is estimating the crowd at only 60k.

This is now a must-win if Shanny wants a fifth year, or if Kyle ever wants to be a HC anywhere soon.
D Hall continues to carry this entire team. He's playing at an incredibly high level.
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How many times does this dumb son of a bitch have to cost us leads or games by being flagged for helmet to helmet before this stupid ass coaching staff cans his ass? It's obvious he doesn't get it and has no plans to stop doing it, and frankly I'm sick and tired of seeing it cost us. He hasn't done a damn thing for us anyway, what do we lose by cutting him loose? Other than 30-45 fewer penalty yards per game.
Now I guess it's time to continue playing run out the clock/play not to lose while we're down by 3.
I don't care how we win, as long as we win. Jordan Reed saves the season for now. Ok, on to Denver.
Jordan Reed made my afternoon a LOT better. What a player this kid is gonna be.
Please cut Merriweather.

Also...how in the hell did we win that? lol

Pilot light is flickering, but it's not blown out yet...

I'll take what we can get.
Awesome win. What a great game.

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