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Official: Dan Snyder has SOLD The Commanders

If this HAD worked we should have done a class action for not honoring our bid after presenting a bid for 100 billion.

Contract to be written in burgundy and gold crayons.
This is my shocked face...:cautious:
I know a month or two is not really that long, but I'm so ready for this to be over.
Looks like the date has been picked for the meeting and potential vote... July 20

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makes me sick that snyder is getting super rich after hr ran the team so poorly,i hope he chokes on the money
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he probably left cause everybody knows how he ruined the franchise by not following common sense.the only thing good he did was bring joe gibbs back as coach.
A fool and his money are soon parted. Snyder will find a way to waste his money. That’s what’s he’s done his whole life. And as Burgold says, it won’t buy him happiness. He will still be a miserable little man.
i hope we can get the ok from the nfl and put snyder and his foolish ways behind us.
Its all gravy friend, just a waiting game until that meeting. Yes does suck how much profit if you will Snyder is making on this deal, but is what it is. He will still be a hated man and a terrible excuse for a person.
I’ve said it before, but Dan Snyder is going to need that money. I think there are all kinds of lawsuits coming his way once the sale is done and he’s officially on the street. Settlements and lawyers are expensive.
I know we are about 1 week from the expected sale, but a friend sent me this. If this is real, this is pathetic. They made a big deal about changing the name and how everyone was ready to “take command”. If that was successful, how would anyone confuse this account with the team account? They gave up on this name, said it was offensive, and wanted nothing to do with it. I’m guessing 95% of the people know it’s not the team account. But it’s probably more popular because it reminds many fans of when the team was a well run organization and could win. That bothers the current clowns running the team and the social media staff as well. I can’t wait for the new owner to get rid of all of these awful people running the organization. Fire them all. This whole operations and marketing staff needs a clean slate.

Had the same exact reaction. You force a name change because it’s ‘offensive’ and now you want to retain control over it for branding purposes? Pretty lame.
Another great article by Don Van Natta Jr & Seth Wickersham detailing the shit-show that is the NFL, it’s owners, and their front man.


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