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Official: Dan Snyder has SOLD The Commanders

Florio is a pot stirrer...especially when it comes to anything Redskins.

Why anyone would give him any credibility is beyond me.
You know, after the name change,I thought he'd back off some...he got what he wanted....but that didn't last long.

What a hose bag....
Florio is a pot stirrer...especially when it comes to anything Redskins.

Why anyone would give him any credibility is beyond me.
You know, after the name change,I thought he'd back off some...he got what he wanted....but that didn't last long.

What a hose bag....

I think what he wanted was Snyder more than anything else...

Once Snyder is gone, the tune may change.
Some background on Josh Harris for those who haven't read up on him...

Washington used to be top 5, often top 3, in attendance, concessions, commercial endorsements, and local revenue.

The prospectus from the Harris Group I think correctly believes that a change in ownership and culture will have not only a salutary effect on fans and media driving revenue, but also the approach local politicians take to the team.

Washington under Snyder was a hot potato nobody wanted to deal with. The team was media and political kryptonite.

Jason Wright alluded to that in the quotes contained in the Harris Group story.

Snyder did as much damage to a team as I have seen over the years perhaps only exceeded by Irsay leaving in the middle of the night and taking the logo and history of the Colts with him to Indianapolis.
I’m gonna push back a little on the assumption I keep hearing - that Snyder’s departure means a return of fans. I’m not sure that’s some kind of automatic result. It’s not just that fans hated Snyder and stopped coming to games in protest. It has been an absolute erosion of the fanbase that we’ve seen. Some are just fed up with the NFL and how it operates. Almost all fans are fatigued with the endless mediocrity on the field. And of course it’s been difficult to transition to a new name and regime. And not being able to be proud of being a fan of the team has also contributed.

I don’t see that all turning around because the exorcism has finally been accomplished. I expect to see a packed house for the opener and some better attendance in 2023 (especially if they play reasonably well). But I think it could take 4-5 years minimum to get this franchise back to being a top tier org with a fanatical fanbase.
Probably more likely n Boone’s side but I think a honeymoon period is likely.

The effect an owner can have immediately is pretty small. So, unless the reason we underachieved was because of the emotional baggage and controversies, I don’t expect the team to be that much better.

That said, every player and coach should have a fire lit under them. Harris has shown a willingness to tear it all down and therefore they are playing for their lives (or at least jobs) even more than usual.
I moved to VA from Montgomery County last year. The erosion in the fan base I think is at least in part what the Harris group article indicates, an apathy that developed due to the poor management and ultimately toxic culture of the franchise from the top down.

The minute Snyder decided to sell the team I started to see more burgundy and gold jerseys and fan wear out there. It wasn't a tidal wave, but it was significant.

Much of that was pre-Commanders, so Harris has some work to do in building THIS brand name. But I have seen McLaurin and Sweat jerseys as well.

While DC still has a significant minority of transient residents (as it always has), there are a great number of folks that were born here to parents from other places that simply tuned this team out and vowed not to invest time and money into it as long as Snyder owned it.

True, some of us were wondering at his age whether we would live to see new ownership :p

But I think in some regards Harris' experience with the 76ers is a lot like Washington's football team.

The 76ers were a great franchise in the 1970's - early 1990's and were continually sold out.

By the time Harris bought the team the 76ers were near the bottom of the NBA in attendance and local revenue. Nobody wanted to come to Philly to play and the draft picks were god awful with some big whiffs on high picks.

Now they are back in the playoffs, going to Game 7 of Round 2, and are back up in attendance and local revenue to the level one would expect of a metro area the size of Philly's.

As Magic Johnson said recently in an interview about DC sports 'it's all about the winning'.

And I think that is also true.
I think there will be an ownership bounce here. Snyder was viewed as the #1 issue with the franchise and the problem from which all other problems flowed - including a lack of team performance.

The team has a real opportunity this year, and maybe this year only, to kickstart things.

The key is the on-field product.

People are going to at least take a look this year where they might not have in years past. What they see will determine if that look is a glance or a soul gaze.

But no pressure Eric Bienemy and Sam Howell.

There was speculation that things wouldn't be in order by the owners meeting... appears that's the case
You guys called it. I really thought they’d make a concerted effort to get this done by next week.
I’m disappointed. I wanted this to get done now. Would have made a great birthday present.
I am so glad this guy didn’t get the team

He's such a grifter. He doesn't have the money, but for him to sue you would like some sort of bank transfer happened.....unless he's a complete idiot. And if that's the case, is the rumor true the Saudis or someone might be behind him? I think it's doubtful because surely you could find a better person to be a front man. So, he's probably just a complete idiot.
Music to my ears but probably not Wright’s.

Great article - it is reassuring and I think it would lead one to believe that it’s almost a certainty Harris brings in all of his own people.
We are down in San Antonio celebrating my niece’s graduation. I worse my shirt to celebrate. Here is my my wife and I.
You guys look great! Have fun!

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