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Official 2013 BucSkins and BroncSkins Roster and Coaching Staff

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Sep 28, 2010
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Just to give everyone a clear, highlighted idea of the extent of Nepotism on the team, I compiled a list of current Redskin players and coaches who are former Bucs or Broncos. I did not include Redskins no longer with the team, who came from Denver or TB, since that would be a much bigger task. Therefore the list doesn't actually show the full extent of the Nepotism. Also, remember and consider this list is far from final. There may be more BucSkins and BroncSkins added for 2013.

The other thing it may indicate, is since many question who has more influence over player and coach signings, Allen or Shanahan, this list may give somewhat of an indication over who has more say in those aquirings. Looks about even, based on current Skins, 10 each, but the 2 "Honorable Mentions" give the edge to Shanny and the Broncs

GM Bruce Allen
DB Coach Raheem Morris
OL Coach Chris Foerster
TE Coach Sean McVay
Director Paul Kelly
CB EJ Biggers
S Tanard Jackson
T Jeremy Trueblood
K Kai Forbath
WR Dezmon Briscoe

HC Mike Shanahan
OC Kyle Shanahan - not actually former Bronco, but actually once coached for Bucs, however put him under BroncSkins, since he obviously comes here by way of Mike, and not Bruce's Bucs
RB Coach Bobby Turner
ST Coach Keith Burns
DL Coach Jacob Burney
LB Coach Bob Slowik
Assistant Coach Bobby Slowik – not a former Bronco, but obviously got job because of father Bob, former Bronco
WR Coach Mike McDaniel
T Tyler Polumbus
G Kory Lichtensteiger

Honorable Nepo-Mentions (These came from Houston, by way of Kyle Shanahan)
Matt LaFleur
Ray Wright
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As far as coaching staffs are concerned, that happens with every new coaching hire. People bring in coaches they have worked with in the past and are familiar with. For example Joe Gibbs bringing in Bugel when he came back.
Gibbs did the same thing.

Terry Metcalf was with him in St. Louis.

Doug Williams was with him in Tampa.

Anyone remember Jim Hart coming to be the backup qb in 1983?

Many of Gibbs' coaches had worked with him before as well.

Another addition to your list: AJ Smith who worked with Allen in the WFL.
Bruce Allen was a Bear,Ram and Redskin long before he was a Buc. :)

Has to be the offseason...cause we're nit picking everything down to the neutron/proton........
Why wouldn't shan bring his coaching staff though?

He knows them, hes comfortable with them, and they know his style and what he likes.

Better than hiring D and O coordinators and THEN a HC!
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Right? That's almost as dumb as bringing in a bingo caller to call plays.

On a related note, I don't know what one would look like, but we need either a repression smiley, or possibly a smiley on the psychiatrist's couch.
I'm fine as long as nobody brings up the swinging gate.

Awwwwww, ****!
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When you can prove that any of the above people are not qualified for the job they were hired to do and only have their positions due to being related to or knowing Mike and/or Bruce, you can call it nepotism. I don't see any proof of any of that on this list.

This roster and staff is not any different from any other NFL team in the way it was put together. The OP just seems to be reaching IMO.
Randy Thomas was a very good player for the Redskins.

The team screwed up a lot of things but that early decade OL of Samuels, Jansen, Thomas, etc was solid.
So was John Hall, when he wasn't injured. Pretty automatic kicker until the thigh injury or whatever it was.

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