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OF: The Official Celebrity Redskins Fan Roster


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Apr 11, 2009
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This stuff matters you know.

I mean, it must. Threads about this topic pop up periodically around the Redskins community, and they always seem to generate interest.

What I have noticed is they also have a tendency to reinvent the wheel every time. Seems to me it’s high time someone compiled and committed to maintaining the official record.

What the [hell]. I'll do it.

Rather than spending ...

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Scott Van Pelt is definitely confirmed. On my bb so I can't really search for it, but there's a recent DCSportsbog that covered an interview he did that confirms it. He is a Terp, I believe.

Sandra Bullock grew up in Arlington, so I could see her being a fan. Never heard of it though.

And I didn't notice him listed, but the rapper Wale is a fan of all things DC, being from the area.
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Don't forget Mark McKinney, of "Kids and the Hall" fame.


Having spent your life in comedy, do you find any comedic value in a five-win season in Washington?

No, and especially not again. Absolutely not.

Let's say they go 0-16?

Then, maybe. That's when true tragedy in humor starts to emerge. But getting close and then getting clobbered like that as a fan -- not funny.

So how does a Canadian end up a Redskins fan?

My Dad was a diplomat, and after we were posted in France, our next posting was Washington. So I ended up moving to Washington in '72. I was from Canada, but I was abroad so long that I had no clue what football or hockey were. Nothing. So my introduction to the whole thing was the '72 team and the Over The Hill Gang and the mythology of that whole team.

(click link for more)
I'll try to find the Bog link on Van Pelt for confirmation.

Bullock's name came from one of the threads, but isn't confirmed that I know of. Wale I never even heard of. Someone's gonna have to feed me something on him. :)

Thanks for McKinney, SG. Added.
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I have heard Charlie Gibson say he was a Skins fan numerous times on air but finding something to back that up has not been easy. Here is a link to a live ABC news blog from the Presidential debate he moderated in January of 2008. Check the entry time stamped 6:53pm. Not sure if that is enough to meet the burden of proof...

Oh, I think that meets our rigorous standards, Neo. :)

Adding Senor Gibson to the fold.
Oh, I think that meets our rigorous standards, Neo. :)

Adding Senor Gibson to the fold.

If you need another source for Van Pelt, I cannot remember when exactly but during the season as the Redskins were stinking it up Van Pelt mentioned his love for the Skins in a scathing assessment of the state of Redskins affairs.

Oh and OM, you used the word senor, if you'd like to use an actual ñ just hit alt 164. Señor

What about, Tiki and Ronde Barber?

Shawn Merriman?
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Good deal ... thanks El and Anne. Will update later this evening. :)
Anne, you rock. Updated in full.

And thanks for exposing those posers Hackman and Jeremy. :)
I know we all know this, but I thought I'd bring it up anyways.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is, I've seen him on ESPN and one of those Nascar shows numerous times with Redskins hats on. I don't have a link or anything though, but like I said I think we all know this.
Thanks for doing my leg work, Anne! I'm semi on vacation this weekend...:)

Om, Did you have Matthew Mconaughey (sp?) On your original list? I forget. But there is an article he talks about being a Skins fan because his favorite food growing up was Hamburgers, so he naturally gravitated towards Chris Hanburger and the Skins. Ha!
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'nother tip of the cap to Anne. :)


Lanky, Mconaughey is on the orinigal list. Dare say he's among the "most famous" of the Skins celeb fans? Might be an interesting diversion at some point to run a purely subjective "Rank the Redskins Celeb Fans" poll. It's a long offseaon.

Taylor Swift (country musician) performed in DC in a Sean Taylor jersey, which created quite a stir on the other site awhile ago. Here is a crappy video, there are probably better ones out there:


Although, I don't know if she wore it because she's a Skins fan, or because it said "Taylor" on the back...

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