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OF: Tablesettings: Game 2, Redskins vs Colts


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Apr 11, 2009
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Last week's game setup was easy. Football was back. Even an ugly loss would have been borderline okay* (it's just preseason, right?). Point was, we were watching live Redskins football again.

But something unexpected happened. Not only didn't the Redskins lose, but they won. And looked damn good doing it. Aainst none other than the Pittsburgh Steelers. The AFC Champions. "Those" Steelers.

Preseason or not, the Redskins went toe-to-toe with one of the NFL's big boys and came out on top. Forget the score; Friday night's pleasant surprise was about the young "rebuilding" Redskins showing organization, speed, cohesion, efficiency ... things that have been all-too wanting around here for a long time.

There were also noteworthy individual performances:

QB Rex Grossman—maligned and subject of more undeserved scorn from his home town fans than any player I can recall—was sharp. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself...

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nice post OM.

but gimme a break.....RG doesn't even break the top 5 (or even top 10) of vilified players list. recall the bile directed at Wuerfel, Dion, Haynesworth, Westbrook, Price...heck...even Carlos if you think about it.....and on.......

pass rush is good...but I think observing a stout run defense is the first priority....th base to build upon.
Kinda figured that Rex thing would get some attention, brother.

Was thinking when I wrote that "no player who has deserved it less" ... just didn't write it that way. Perhaps in the comments. ;)


Edit: meh, I wussed out. Edited "undeserved" in there. Which will still perhaps set off a hackle or two out there in CyberSkin Land.
Thanks for the write-up.

When you look at who will play tonight, there is one thing that grabbed my attention - even without mentioning it. Depth. We finally have some depth and this affords the team to evaluate who will be the starters and who will be third down specialists, relievers, nickel types, etc. It's a nice luxury to have after all these years.

Beat the Pony Pucks! Hail!
I know everyone is going to be putting Beck under a microscope tonight. But keep in mind that they're not actually looking for results of the statistical nature, but HOW he runs the O.

This is what everyone got hung up on in the McBacle [did I use that right?]. People were looking at production, but it really had almost nothing to do with that.

For this season the Shannys want to see it done the right way, then they'll worry about increasing production.
Grazi, all. And agreed in particular with DS.

I could really care less if Beck ends up with good numbers ... all I'll be looking for is signs the game isn't moving too fast for him, that he's making the right reads, getting the ball out quickly, showing some accuracy and velocity. He does those things, the results will come when it counts.
I keep hearing about 'if Beck gets the protection Grossman got' - but I think that's the wrong thing to be watching. Grossman doesn't do everything well, but he makes quick reads, is decisive, and gets the ball out of his hands very quickly. He often makes his protection look good, rather than the reverse, because he doesn't ask for a lot of time. I wonder if Beck can make those kinds of quick reads? I think he's been put in a difficult situation by Shanahan, who - say what you will - has more or less implied it's Beck's job to lose. But Beck hasn't had a single real-time snap as a Redskin. That's tantamount to giving a rook the start from day one.

Yeah - I know Beck has played in a few NFL games. But not in this offense, and not with any of these players. I have to wonder if he's going to be hesitant and indecisive in light of that. We'll see. If he shines, that may really say something about him given the above.
Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie have been ruled out by the #Colts. (via @GranthPaulsen)

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