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OF: Super Bowl XLV - Perspective


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Apr 11, 2009
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There are precious few slices of cyberspace out there today that do not contain sincere, in-depth X and O breakdowns of the who, what, how and why of what's going to happen in Super Bowl XLV.

You found one.

Let's get right to it.

Who I Want to Win

Green Bay.

Why? I like 'em better.

I like QB Aaron Rogers--the man looks like someone we all played pick-up ball with as kids, both in appearance and the semi-awkward (but damn effective) body language on the field.

I like the fact no one has the slightest idea who head coach Mike McCarthy is or where the hell he came from.

I like the traditional, almost quaint uniforms. For NFL fans of a certain age they just look right.

I even like the stupid cheesehead thing now that Brett Favre's gone. Don't ask me why they correlate. They just do...

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Wow. That's a great write up.

You pretty much summed up why I want Green Bay to win, and why I think the Steelers will win, and why it's important to them that they do.
My introduction to "up close and personal" NFL football in my early teens was watching the Lombardi Packers when they came to Wrigley Field in Chicago on the early 1960s.

Some things leave lasting impressions.

Packers for the win.
Glad to see you back around Om. I enjoyed the read. I still remember watching Kurt Warner hit Larry Fitzgerald for the late TD to take the lead thinking they left too much time on the clock for Ben. That was a great Super Bowl. Lightning in a bottle...flash in the pan...that was one of the best Super Bowls I have ever seen that didn't involve Mark Rupien, Doug Williams or John Riggins winning an MVP.

This game has some interesting match ups. I think one thing I am looking forward to watching is Clay Matthews when he reaches Big Ben. Matthews has that ability to get there and finish with most QB's in the NFL, but what will he do with Big Ben who is not just about as big if not bigger than Matthews, but he is pretty elusive too?

The other will be the offensive line of the packers matching up against the Steelers defensive front. Part of Green Bay's success in the playoffs has been off the surprise running of the rookie, Starks. They have been able to take some pressure off of Rodgers by running the ball freeing him up to exploit the defenses he's played.

The problem is, nobody in the playoffs has been able to run against the Steelers, not the Ravens who have a good run game nor the Jets who have one of the best offensive lines and run games in the NFL. If Green Bay can use the pass game to open up the Steelers defense, they might be able to get a run game going. I can't think of many QB's in the league who I would rather have leading my offense than Aaron Rodgers, I do believe he can get it done. The Pack stands much less of a chance at winning this game if they have to rely on Rodgers to get it done without a run game, with a Rookie at RT in Bryan Bulaga and an injured Chad Clifton on the other side at LT.

This could be a great game, but I could see it getting out of control for the Pack. If they keep it close, I think the pack can win. If they make a couple of mistakes early, Pittsburgh will likely eat them up.
The ONLY time I ever root for the Steelers is when they play Dallas and I do that almost grudgingly.

I have to agree with Om, though. I tend to think most of America, outside Steelers nation, wants the Packers to win....as do I. Karma will take a vacation and Rapistburger, Worthlessburger or whatever other nasty name you want to call him, will be vindicated yet again. :mad: As far as I'm concerned, the guy might as well play for Dallas. That's how much I despise him. Unfortunately, out of the last seven Super Bowls only one team I was rooting for won. That was the Colts over the Bears. I don't count the Pats-Iggs because I wanted BOTH to lose. ;)

REALLY hoping the Packers win so at least we can say the Skins beat the Super Bowl Champs. I have the feeling I'll be disappointed once again. :(
14-0 after the defensive TD, looking good for the Pack right now.
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I dunno Sarge. Not a big Black Eyed Peas fan, but i thought that was a decent show, though it did start off slow. I thought it ended well...
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Charles Woodson injury cost the Packers on that drive! The Packers did not contain the edge on a couple of plays on that drive.

But, the Packers have to figure Shaun Suisham is on the other side kicking field goals so they have that going for them!
Gotta love it!

Suissy misses for the Redsk...wait! Misses for the Stinkers!

Is it the 8 beers, or does this halftime show suck?
You shoulda seen it without the 8 beers.

Complete suckage.

Commercials were also as bad as I ever remember.
Only one worth a damn was the Pepsi Max with the crazy ass girlfriend.
I overestimated the Steelers.
Ryan Clark whiffs on a TD for the Packers.

Suisham misses by eleven miles.

Antwaan Dancing Elf celebrates a first down and two whole points.

Who else can we ship to the Stinkers???

Glad to see that there is no number seven. I simply can't stand that team, their fans, and that family who has manipulated this league for far too long.

Oh yeah, and the SB champs lost to the Redskins this season and the team that they beat for the NFC championship - beat them too.

Ugh. I really miss the days of paloffs and SBs for our beloved Redskins. Soon again. Hopefully, soon again.
I watch the SuperBowl and ask:

How much longer do my beloved Redskins wander in the wilderness?

And then I think: Do we even have a compass?
You shoulda seen it without the 8 beers.

Complete suckage.

Commercials were also as bad as I ever remember.
Only one worth a damn was the Pepsi Max with the crazy ass girlfriend.

I agree, Ax, the commercials were nowhere near as entertaining as in the recent past. The halftime show was glitzy and gaudy but unsatisfying. The interminable pre-game and pre-kick stuff just made it more of a carnival than a football game.

Did enjoy the game though. I was watching thinking "and they'll have Jermichael Finley and Ryan Grant back next season."

Thank you NFL for removing them from the Redskins 2011 schedule.
The National Anthem was a disgrace, commercials were marginal, and the halftime show was awful. To be honest, wish they would put all this entertainment crap on another network. Then those who want to see this can turn to that station and I can sit and watch football.

Tomlin made a tactical error letting Suisham try a 52 yard field goal. Suisham barely made the extra point. The miss gave Green Bay good field position. Had they punted the Packers would have had a lot longer field.

I'm glad Green Bay won for several reasons. First it will shut up all the Steelers fans in this area. Next, maybe this will quiet all the Farve vs. Rodgers talk. You also have to feel good for Driver and Woodson.

I wonder if Ted Thompson will go back to Green Bay and tell all the media doubters to stick it? He can now say the move to let Farve go was the right one.
and the halftime show was awful.
I love me some black-eyed peas, the food, that is.

The group? I don't get the attraction.

Lucky for me, I didn't see Christina ImaSlutza butcher the Anthem. I've never understood the fascination with the butt-ugly bitch. Yeah, in my single days, she'd been worth a nights toss, but that's about it. She may have complained about the bag over her head, but, whatever.

As for the commercials? To all the companies who spent millions of dollars, I'd be glad to **** you for half the price.

Call me. We'll do lunch.
I love me some black-eyed peas, the food, that is.

The group? I don't get the attraction.

They are responsible for at least 2 of the top-10 worst songs of all time.

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