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OF: RG3 Can Be Redskins Rising Tide


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Apr 11, 2009
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April 26, 2012 could well be the day the tide finally came in for the Washington Redskins.

Sometime around 8:30 pm on Thursday evening, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will officially announce that Robert Griffin III, Quarterback, Baylor University, has been selected by the Redskins.

There will be much rejoicing, and I will be among those letting my inner child dance. Anyone who has lived the burgundy and gold life for any length of time will understand.

Oh, sure, there are “ifs” involved—in the real world there always are. As people are quick to remind us, there are no sure things. So let's deal with them right off the top...

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Om said:
Happily, as I dug deeper and started researching him in earnest, I discovered that what sets Robert Griffin III apart, and makes the cost the Redskins paid to secure his services more than palatable, are not primarily his eye-popping athletic skills and measurables. Although they are real, and they are spectacular.

We have many writers at BGO who can express themselves in a unique and orderly fashion. All who contribute do a great job. I never get tired of reading blogs from Om, Boone, Goal, Neo, Serv, Kdawg, the Blognostications, and the Overdrive.

Just when you think another RG3 blog or article is too much, well, it isn't. I never get tired of hearing about him or watching the excitement that he is bringing to the Redskins. There are no guarantees, but I think we are going to be excited for the next twelve to fifteen years - or more.

Thanks Om - another great blog.

So, where's Art? Let's get him over here! :)
Nice job Mark - you guy me all excited about this guy - what did you call him R2D2? I think Art's fallen off the planet. Too bad too.
With Blade and everything that he has going on, it is understandable. Need to get a hold of Art somehow and let him know that there is a place where those talents are appreciated.

If we get Turbin, what will his nickname be? :)
Blade pops in here from time to time and we stay in touch. He's just incredibly busy with a large brood of young-uns and medical practice. Art? Doubt he'd have any interest in our little corner of paradise.

Nice to see The Om Field with the bright lights on again Mark!
Nice to see indeed. Great piece, Mark.

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