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OF: Redskins vs Ravens - Game Day Wish List


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Truth is I only have one real wish for week two:

Don't crash and burn.

With their unexpected dude-what-just-happened-here debut blowout win last week, Mike Shanahan's Redskins set the early bar almost impossibly high for themselves. That's a nice problem to have, of course, but it doesn't leave a whole lot of room for improvement. Not in preseason anyway.

You can't prove anything in preseason, just offer glimpses and set the expectations pendulum swinging. The Redskins swung it pretty damn far in the direction of the good last week...will they be able to keep it from reversing course just as dramatically?

Chances are the Redskins won't blow out the Baltimore Ravens. In fact, I'm prepared to predict right here and now that they will not. Bold, I know.

But they can definitely make a statement.

So to flesh out the "one real wish" thing a bit...I do have one. It has nothing to do with the score. It doesn't have that much to do with individual performances, although obviously I'd like to see more of what I saw from key personnel and units last week.

No, this week it has to do with attitude...

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good read... couldn't agree more about the Ravens. I don't have that local-rivalry stemmed hate that a lot of my fellow skins fans have. Baltimore, no matter how bad they are getting beat, play with fire and intensity. I respect them for it. I haven't and won't go out and buy any gear but I've rooted for them in the postseason when the skins aren't in the mix (heh). But I WILL NOT be rooting or showing respect for them @ 7pm.
Now, you realize of course, if your wish list is once again fulfilled or, dare I say exceeded, you WILL be doing this for every game until it falters. ;)

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