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OF: Redskins vs Bills Final - When Wishes Come True


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Apr 11, 2009
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August 18, 2010

I won't make a habit of this, I promise, but letting this one go without a public appreciation to the gridiron gods would be sacriligious.

Not to mention it might irritate them again. I'm a Redskins fan. I can't chance it.

Last week I wrote a wish list for the opening preseason game against Buffalo. It was over the top. I asked for, well, everything.

Didn't expect to get it.


So, for the record...thank you oh wise and powerful pigskin spirits, for marking the end of the eight-month offseason odyssey from Jim Zorn to 42-17 in such otherworldly fashion:

12) I want to see some long, lingering looks at the renovated digs. The old Lite-Brite scoreboard was cute. Thing is, if it ain't holding pom-poms, there is no cute in football. It took 13 long years, but it seems Jack Kent Cooke Stadium may finally be "finished."

Sweet. Just sweet. We could grouse about the fact that it's 2010, and 13 years into their tenure in Raljon or Landover or whatever that plot of ground is called, and the Redskins finally have a stadium worthy of a flagship NLF franchise. But that would be crass. The New Big Jack debuted with a stirring, new-era-marking whupping of some team wearing blue. I'm going to bitch about the delay in adding a few pixels after that? I think not.

11) It won't take long for the cameras to focus on the Redskins' owners box. And that's cool. Not seeing this alone makes the affair Tivo-worthy.

If they showed a shot of the owners box, I never saw it. In fact, the only owner sighting I saw had a tanned, fit, humble and reserved Dan Snyder schlepping to the broadcast booth for a brief chat with Kenny Albert and Joe "I Played—Really" Theismann. Is this a great country or what?

10) I'm curious to see what new name(s) will jump into the discussion. Who will do something—good or bad—to catapult their name(s) to the top of the message boards? For the first time in eight long months we will get to see a Redskin do something on the field worth discussing. Here's hoping it's more along the lines of a McNabb-to-Thomas-TD-bomb than a Trent-Williams-getting-burned-and-McNabb-crushed variety.

There were more, but I'm trying to keep this short so I'll go with the first three that jump to mind...

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Always best to say thanks when one receives something one asked for. :)

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