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OF: Redskins Key Stats Tracker (Preseason Final)


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Apr 11, 2009
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Welcome to the fourth and final preseason installment of the 2010 Washington Redskins' Key Stats Tracker.

This is a weekly feature we will run all season focusing on three specific statistical categories—turnover differential, third-down-efficiency and red-zone-efficiency—plus any specific observations/anomalies that stand out from any given game.

This week we look at the Redskins 20-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, and tie a bow on the 2010 preseason.

Thank god.

Quick Notes:

● The Cardinals game was hard for even the most passionate fan to watch. The Redskins played zero starters, used zero schematic/strategic planning, cared zero about anything more than looking at the last few guys on the roster and getting out of the desert healthy. Add the fact that the Cardinals played starters while the Redskins played footsie, and the stats in this one were as meaningful as the proverbial politician's touch.

That established...

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Om, just for comparison purposes, given that all the teams playing in the preseason faced fairly similar situations:

The Redskins at +4 in the turnover column tied with the Cowboys, Dolphins, Rams and Giants at the top of the heap in that stat.

The Skins came in tied for third in third down efficiency:

1. Patriots-51%

2. Falcons and Browns-44%

3. Redskins, Vikings, Chargers, Packers-43%

The Redskin D also tied for the lead in holding the opponents third down effeciency at a minumum:

Panthers, Bengals, Raiders, Redskins, all held their opponents at 25% on third down conversions.

The NFL team stats page doesn't offer red zone efficiency team stats and I was just feeling too lazy to compile them myself.

Anyway, the above data is meant to instill a little more hope that things are indeed better than before.
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Thanks for the research, serv...had initially intended to do the rankings but never got to it. Going to cut and paste yours into a comment over there though. Full attribution of course. :)
Glad to help, Om

Hey, when your both a Skins fan and a numbers guy, well, that's just what you do. :)
Om said:
Bonus: this one is my own pet peeve and will be tracked, relentlessly and with ever-increasing angst, until it is broken. As of this writing the last Redskins' defensive touchdown came in October 2007, when the Redskins beat the Arizona Cardinals 21-19 at FedEx Field and linebacker London Fletcher picked off Kurt Warner, taking it to the house in the second quarter to give the Redskins a 14-0 lead. At least it was epic--be sure to check out his flying leap into the end zone.

For those scoring at home, that was 56 games ago (43 regular season, 12 preseason, 1 playoff).





* tap ... tap ... tap *

I guess you can stop tapping your foot now. :)

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