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Apr 11, 2009
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The title refers to both the 4-4 Redskins and (with apologies for injecting myself into the mix) yours truly.

On the former ... you may have heard about the Redskins' latest fun and games. They lost again to the Detroit Lions, apparently trying to balance out universal karma since between 1782 and the mid-2000's they beat the Lions 2,113 straight times.

Apparently they also had some drama involving their quarterback.

Me, I've had an interesting year. Separation from spouse of 23 years, losing 40 pounds (unrelated of course) and, over this past weekend, moving into new digs. Why share the personal stuff? Because those of you kind enough to saunter through here from time to time deserve an explanation when you find it silent for days at a time. Please accept a nod of appreciation for the patronage and consider hanging in there a while longer while Life does its "Yo, deal with me" thing.

So ... the quarterback thing? About as overblown as any local sports story I can remember.

My quick take:

On a day the offense was, shall we say, struggling, at some point during the second half the FOX cameras catch the offensive coordinator (and head coach's son) on the sidelines. He's watching what is about to transpire on the field as his offense comes to the line of scrimmage.

He spreads his hands and gives the classic "WTF?" look. It sends chills up my spine. Truth is I haven't seen anything like that in 40 years of watching pro football.

It was a clear and frightening insight into the clusterf*** that was (is?) the current State of the Offense, a unit being run in some kind of strange brew involving head coach Mike Shanahan, son Kyle and erstwhile Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Donovan was having a crappy game. The offensive line slept in. The defense got stops except when absolutely necessary. But Brandon Banks and a few timely offensive plays here and there had the Redskins up five, with four minutes to go, and the ball.

One or two more plays--a first down or two, maybe a defensive stop--and they win another game they probably shouldn't. They head into the bye week of the Transition Year 5-3, and we all spend two weeks talking about how sweet it is that the Redskins are changing a generation of losing culture, learning to win on the fly, and heading firmly in the right direction as they reinvent themselves on an organizational level.

On second and ten, though, McNabb makes the apparent conscious decision to throw into triple coverage to Anthony Armstrong. He may or may not get hit enough to alter the throw. He may or may not change his mind after his arm starts in motion and pull the string to try to bring it back.

Doesn't matter really. Only the result matters ...

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Thank you. A voice of reason. Finally.

If my own personal life had not been so wierd and hectic for the last 4 days I would have tried my hand at a "nothing to see here, please move along" blog myself (I still might if the world will slow down for even a NY minute).

The only story worth talking about is whether Donovan will "get it" before the end of the season and earn a new contract with a long tenure under Shanahan. The benching is a non-story.
Nothing to argue with on this one. Well, except maybe the notion that we should excuse your absence here because of 'life' or whatever it is you call it. :)
Damn, no "Om you ignorant slut" posts? I must be losing my touch.

Al, where are you brother?

Om, you ignorant slut!


Missed you man, glad you're back.
Om said:
They are 4-4. And they are not dead yet.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Glad you're back. I did the seperation and divorce thing about 30 years ago and I survived...at least think I did. Guess I did until someone tells me different.
Ahhhhh....there you are.

I understand the need to attend to Real Life when it comes aknockin'.

Do know, however, that you are definitely missed when you're not around.

Welcome back amigo mio.

The Shanahan thing? I do hope your right. Any alarm I may have is in the possibility of him going elsewhere.

Smart, egotistical, arrogant types have a habit of "breaching decorum" at times. "I'm gonna do it my way and it's going to work-screw you."

But when they're "on"-they're fun to watch.

George Allen was like that.

And he's the man that turned me into a Redskins fan in the first place.
Good to see you Om, loved the read as always my friend!
Damn, no "Om you ignorant slut" posts? I must be losing my touch.

Al, where are you brother?


dude.....I care a lot about many things/folks. including my long time Redskin message board friend I christened "The Bard" way back when! my immediate thought...you gotta handle the grown-up stuff....but I hope upon hope that the father/son Redskin inspired bond you described so poignantly following Sean Taylor's death persists in all its glory.

btw...I'm sure (vis "Om you ignorant slut") you recognize the lift from 1970's Aykroyd/Curtain exchanges on Sat Night Live....a program that descended into irrelevant "unfunniness" in the 1980s.
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i believe it was chevy chase..

nahhh...it was "the dan" and jane curtain in their point/counterpoint schtick. but, you know, I couldn't remember either until I looked it up and found an old clip on youtube!
my bad..horrible comedians tend to blur together to me =)

dude...no bad at all! my alzheimers addled mind couldn't remember either! but those were funny routines. I can't believe that show is still around. I picture 50 somethings watching their big screen HDTVs passsing around the bong trying to yuck it up to the current show like "they get it"....turning down the Hendrix or CSNY playing in the background long enough to hear the hip hop guest group they really "dig"!
Getting to this one a bit late. Thanks for the good read, Om, and sorry to hear about the personal stuff. My prayers will be with you and please take care of yourself.

As I was reading this entry I couldn't help but think back to the column you wrote back in July:


In it, you talked about expectations for the Skins and how you wanted to see the team end on an upward trend. Is this still the case for you? If so, what do you think this would equate to in terms of record (even though you indicated its not about the record).

Reason I ask is because of recent discussions on ES about "must-win" games and playoffs and how some feel that, even at this point, finishing 7-9 would reflect major improvement over last year.

Being 4-4 and with the Cowboys in disarray and the Vikings not looking like the team of last year, I'm not sure if I would be thrilled with 7-9 at this point. 8-8, OK with. 9-7, happy with, even if it doesn't equate to a playoff berth.

What do you think?

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