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OF: Key Stats Tracker (Preseason Game 1)

One of many experimental iterations ...


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Apr 11, 2009
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August 16, 2010

This is something I have been meaning to do for years. I am finally going to commit to it in 2010.

Not all NFL statistics are created equal, and as any thinking man or woman understands, statistics are highly subjective and, in the hands of the right sculptor, can be molded to support almost any notion desired. But there is substance to be found in the raw numbers—the trick is to know one kind from the other.

I don't pretend to any greater insight than you, kind reader, but I do have my own ideas about which NFL statistics are more impactful than others and directly correlate to success on the field.

For the record, I am a long-time proponent of the idea that turnover differential is likely the single most important stat in professional football. The old adage "we need to win the turnover battle" didn't become so by accident.

And new Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan hasn't spent his entire first offseason in Washington preaching their importance and re-building the Redskins' defensive scheme into a 3-4 base from the 4-3 base they have run since George Preston Marshall sat back in a Boston office in 1936, removed the big cigar from his mouth and growled, "Washington D.C., huh?"

So basically I'm going to track that this season.

Also going to track third down and red zone efficiency. Both, to me, are undervalued around the water cooler on Monday mornings when passionate fans break down reasons for the win that has them flying or loss that has them sunk.

I may throw in other points of statistical interest that jump out from week to week, but the aforementioned three will all be updated withing a day or two of every game. The plan is to maintain this "record" for as long as this blog continues to vibrate along the cyberspectrum.

So there...

CLICK HERE to read more (and actually see the fargin' stats)

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Lanky Livingston

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Jul 15, 2009
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Last DTD was indeed Carlos Rogers jumping a Jon Kitna pass and taking it to the house against the Lions. However, Andre "Salad Tongs" Carter had that fantastic opportunity last season against the Raiders when Orakpo sacked Russel, and put the ball on the turf at the 2-yard line, yet somehow he flubbed it.

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