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Obama misses self-imposed deadline for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq


Since I noted on another board that Obama was full of crap when he said he could do this, and since I was told by certain starry eyed individuals that I was full of crap, and since I know some of them look over here from time to time.......

Told you so

Wow, that felt good:)

You know their reply will be It is George Bushs fault
Well, that goes without saying

Who I feel sorry for are those young kids in the military that got snowed, sitting in the sandbox on their first deployment, wanting to go home, and believing what Obama said.

Those of us based in reality knew there was no way in God's green Earth that timeline was EVER gonna happen
I hope they come home soon as well. And yes, it's hard for a 19 year old kid, who really hasn't experienced normal life, to go to combat and come back "normal".

Funny how you no longer see those in depth new reports on the VA and all the messed up troops anymore, huh?
You guys just don’t understand Obama.

You see, he gathered together his advisors and said:

“I hoped we could bring the troops home from Iraq within 16 months. Can we change our mind?”

And they all replied:

“Yes we can, yes we can.”

He wouldn't do something like that....


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Maybe he'll figure everything out on his upcoming vacation, where he'll miss the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington and continue to do nothing as more oil pours into the Gulf

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