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not much happening, 2010 mocks

Horrible mocks for the Skins......

a SS in round 1? Really? Especially with commentary about how well Moore is looking and the performance by Horton in '08. Oh, yeah and Landry.

Tebow sounds more understanding based on the whole Campbell saga.....but is Tebow really worth that high of a pick?
I guess they get bored too. I've seen at least one other mock predicting the 'Skins grabbing Tebow out of Fla.-I wouldn't think so, there's a really nice looking selection of OT's coming out in 2010 and, well, everybody knows the critical need.
Left Tackle please. Samules isn't getting any younger and as much as I like Stephon Heyer, I'm pretty positive he won't be our LT of the future. Nor Bridges, nor Mike Williams.

That's why I was so high on Michael Oher in this draft, because the Ravens now have two high caliber bookend tackles.....or at least in a year or two they will.

Of course, I didn't think Orakpo was going to be there at #13 and since he was, I was estatic about the pick to get him and put him on the line with Haynesworth.

But 2010 we need to find the next LT for this team.
You have to wonder if Vinny has a complex by now. I mean, how often do you hear about his tendencies when going after players and not Dan Snyder's? This guy had a 3 round mock and made the same "big name" crack about Snyder in his comments on his projected Skins pick in all three rounds.

Sort of why I rarely look at these things even Jan or Feb.
and Walter football had projected the Skins either taking Andre Smith or Mark Sanchez b/c of the "big name" in their mocks......classic Redskins stereotype under the Snyder/Cerrato tenure, of course sometimes it's true when it comes to Free Agents.
If JC doesn’t work out (and I’m still willing to wait and see) we have some serious questions to answer in searching for our next QB. First off does Zorn stay or go? If he stays maybe (calm down Colt fans, I said maybe) Colt is ready to step in and play in a WCO system. If Zorn gets the boot then the question becomes who replaces him and what kind of offense do they install? I know I’m getting way ahead of myself here but it's the off season.

Tebow is from all accounts a good guy, solid leader and a good athlete. I’m just not convinced he has the chops to be a pro QB. He plays on a team who consistently has more talent than the teams they face, so he’s never had to carry a team. That was something I liked about Big Ben coming out of college. He single handedly made Miami of OH relevant. Same thing happened when Marshall Faulk was at San Diego State. You just knew these guys were the real deal. I’m not prepared to say that Tebow can’t be an NFL QB, I’d just rather have another team roll the dice on that one.

There are certainly guys who are seniors or who will likely come out who at this point look like better pro prospects IMO. Guys like Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy immediately come to mind. You also have guys like Zac Robinson and Jimmy Clausen who will be worth keeping an eye on to see how they get through the season.

It’s hard to say who will be available in free agency at QB at this point. Obviously the best scenario for us would be to have JC work out, then we could start drafting lineman and you guys could stop hearing me mention that in every post.

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