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No true Redskins Radio Station

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Mar 25, 2012
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Suffering from insomnia and decide to find a sports station that is talking about the Redskins. On the Internet none to be found. In Dallas if it had been the Cowboys it would be nonstop. Sports stations in DC need to start getting behind the Redskins and stop all this National Radio crap.:puke:

Don't look for the Android espn app.... They have started blacking out espn980 on/after game time. Complete and utter BS.
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Oh yeah don't use ESPN's garbage apps.

Download TuneIN and stream it over that. you get pre/post game and the game calls.
The Game here in Virginia has been all Redskins during football season when I've listened.
Thanks for the information

This is very helpful. Thank you.
Wow tune in has 980 106.7 and lists podcasts for Arrington and inside the locker room, sweet find.... Thx again
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if you're interested in redskins radio here's the break down, all times eastern

day immediately following game day - any day of the week:
6am - 9am kevin shehan and andy polin do monday morning qb
9am - 10am al galdi does a post game wrap up.
10am - 20 am tony kornheiser does his show - day after a game he'll cover the game.

on a regular day, 12pm-2pm is the sports fix with kevin shehan and thom lovero. they do a 'redskins at 1' segment, it's 15 mintes about whatever they have redskins - year round. every day. very good show. shehan is hands down smartest football person in all of local media, and i can't think of anyone smarter than him in national media.

2pm - 4pm is the locker room - includes scott jackson, brian mitchel and doc walker. i personally don't really like the show, but you may like it. it's starting to grow on me. depends on what they are talking about.

4pm - 7pm is the sports reporters, steve czaben and andy polin, pretty good show. i really like it.

they, in general, cover all sports, specifically favoring the washington DC area.

kevin shehan has a pretty good blog over at espn980.com. al galdi's isn't bad either.
Wow tune in has 980 106.7 and lists podcasts for Arrington and inside the locker room, sweet find.... Thx again
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it's an all around quality app. 106.7 the fan can't stream nats games, so you get podcasts during nats games. only thing that sucks.
oh the locker room does top pick tuesday where they interview ryan kerrigan every week.

shanahan's live press conference is carried the day following the game, between 3 and 3:30

griffins' live press conferences are carried - most of the time i believe.

if i remember more i'll post it.
106.7 The Fan has the better lineup IMHO.... I am a DC sports fan, so i'm sure that's got something to do with it, as they are the flagship station for the other 3 teams in DC, and in addition to that, they know that the Redskins are king in this town. The Junkies in the morning are awesome, i listen LITERALLY every morning.

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