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NFL Pickem: Week 9 Results


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Week 9 of the BGO NFL Pickem Contest proved challenging for most players.

Standouts this week included MisterPinstripe, Boone, and Slacky all finishing 10-3, with 6 players finishing at 9-4 including Neophyte, CowboysForever, Jimbo, Piggy, tugboat, and Pravda.

For the year and overall contest leaders, Neophyte jumps into the lead at 91-38, leapfrogging previous leader servumtuum a game behind at 90-39. MisterPinstripe moves into 3rd place overall at 90-39 as well, with China remaining in 4th place at 89-40.

Click HERE to view all Week 9 results.

Click HERE for total season standings after Week 9.
Well, it took 9 long weeks but somebody (Neophyte) finally chased serv down.

-for now at least. Something tells me those two are going to be in it until the last, should be fun watching the race.

Having suffered through that hideous Week 2 debacle and then forgetting to submit one of the weeks after that, it's all about the percentage points for BRD at this point. I know I'll finish over 65% - but I'd like to be closer to 70 than not lol.

You'll likely see the notice, but this week is the first of the NFL's Thursday night games - so picks are due prior to that. Any help getting the word out would be appreciated.
Not to worry, Boone. This is a pretty astute bunch over here at BGO -- if anyone was to forget this week it probably would've been yours truly...but I've already submitted my weekly picks so it's all good.

Still, if there's anything you'd like me to do re: PM's or whatnot to make sure, just let me know. Be happy to help. :)
Mine are in too but I am not sure how good I feel about a couple of them. There maybe some changing going on here in the next 24 hours or so... :(

And thanks for the vote of confidence there, BRD.
Neo, I know what you mean-this week looks just about as obnoxious as last week-and now there's less time to ruminate before the thing closes-yuck.

BTW, congrats for grabbing the lead, now I can be chaser rather than chasee. :)
Wow, Belicheat with the bone-headed decision of the century, launching me into 2nd place for the week. Congrats to Boone for a fine-week of game-picking - if I had only trusted the Redskins, I'd be there with ya. I guess they really do play to the level of their opponent!
If my calculations are correct, this week's results throw me, China and serv into a 3-way tie for second place at 98-46 behind Neo, who has a 3.0 game lead on us at 101-43.
If my calculations are correct, this week's results throw me, China and serv into a 3-way tie for second place at 98-46 behind Neo, who has a 3.0 game lead on us at 101-43.

Welcome to the logjam, Lanky. I was thinking things might start resembling gridlock during the second half of the season.

BTW-Belichik's call is one of the greatest "what the hell were you thinking?" moves I've seen in NFL football in a while. :insane:
After thinking about it for awhile, I've changed my opinion on the move a little bit. Yeah, I still think punting it away and trusting your defense is the right move, but you have Tom Brady, and all you need is 2 yards to essentially ice the game away. It was a gamble, for sure...but if Faulk catches that ball cleanly, we're all talking about Belicheat the genius instead of Belicheat the bonehead.
I suppose I can see that perspective on the decision, but to me the potential downside, having Peyton and the Colts that close to your own endzone only six points down if the play didn't work might have called for a bit more caution. The New England defense had been doing a good job on the Colt's offense almost the entire game-I'd have probably trusted them to be able to keep Indy out of the endzone in that situation-but, then again, I'm not a NFL coach either.
And not all NFL coaches are created equal either. Although Belichik's decision is being second guessed, he gets more leeway with regard to this decision because of his past record. If Zorn had made that call, he would have been universally declared an idiot and wouldn't be given as much credit for his rationale as Belichik gets.

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