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NFL Pickem: Week 7 Results (finally!)


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Back from a week on the road just in time to post results for Week 7 of the BGO NFL Pickem Contest. Thanks for your patience folks!

Standouts this week included bradysux360 edging out DMarple2 and servumtuum all at 11-2, followed by no fewer than twelve (!) players at 10-3.

For the year and overall contest leaders, servumtuum continues to pad his lead over the competition with an incredible 77-26 record (an astounding 75% accuracy rate), followed closely by Neophyte at 74-29, with Jimbo, bradysux360, and China in a 3 way tie at 73-30.

Click HERE to view all Week 6 results.

Click HERE for total season standings after Week 6
Wow. Just wow. Tough field. I don't know whether I'm more amazed, impressed...or frustrated. Mumble mumble, lousy teams not cooperating with my picks, mumble mumble :mad:
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Holy moly, I finally had a better week than serv. Thank you 6lb, 8oz baby jesus!
Holy moly, I finally had a better week than serv. Thank you 6lb, 8oz baby jesus!

It was bound to happen sooner or later, Lanky-congrats!

Obviously I need to rethink my opinion of Arizona and Denver.

Everybody's gonna have to re-think Arizona-everybody got this one wrong. The Colts struggled against San Fransisco too. The Baltimore upset of Denver wasn't shocking but the score was-Jeez, I'm gonna have to take a longer look at Baltimore..and Denver...and the Giants...damn. And Dallas is at Philly next week, and Pittsburgh is at Denver....the Ravens at the Bengals...double damn.:juggle:
Stupid Jets allowing two kickoff returns for TDs. Should've had that one.

Well, on the plus side, I gained two games back against Serv.

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