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NFL Pickem: Week 4 Results


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In our fourth week of the 2013 BGO NFL Pickem Contest, Chickenlipper, McD5, and servumtuum lead all players with an impressive 12-3 record. Rounding out the top eleven this week was an 9 man logjam at 11-4, including Yusuf06, redskins26, Canadian Hog, SkinsOrlando, tshile, Snydershrugged, MisterPinstripe, Posse Lover, and Elephant. Congrats everyone :cheers:

On the season, our top 3 players are servumtuum at 47-16 (a 75% accuracy rating!), and MisterPinstripe and Yusuf06 at 45-18. In total, 10 players are at 65% accuracy or better.

Click HERE for complete Week 4 results.
Click HERE for complete Season standings.
Holy ****balls. 8 games out of first after 4 weeks? My only consolation is that I am beating OM. :D
What's your secret Serv?? Crystal ball? Clean living? Smarter than the rest of us schmucks?
The competition in this pool is amazing.

It's so hard to gain ground, that my sole goal going into each week is to strive for a perfect week of picks.

Out of curiosity, has anybody ever strung together a perfect week in this pool?
I was literally in last place nearly midway through the season last year, and finished something like 5th. Its easy to turn it around. Keep playing. We also have never given out the prize for a perfect week. Pretty surprising given how many great weeks we've seen folks have. Servumtuum looks like the man to beat this year. Watch out!
It looks like good company at 10-5 last week! Slowly climbing up the leader board, and yet losing ground to the leader lol
What's your secret Serv?? Crystal ball? Clean living? Smarter than the rest of us schmucks?


Crystal balls?-Nah, the shots took care of that.

Clean living?-Well, I do bathe regularly.

Smarter the everybody else?-Please, I gave up being that delusional years ago.

Pure dumb a** luck?-Now, there's a possibility.

Other than that, uh....well.... Shrug_smiley.jpg

P.S. after some of the off-the-wall picks I just made the contest could get a lot tighter.:insane:
Just bought new darts for the dartboard. Hopefully, they produce better results going forward. :twitch:
There are some incredible games this weekend. Very tough picks.
Forgot to change my picks from before the season, so they were all home. Better than not picking at all! Thanks for the tip, Serv!

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