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NFL Pickem: Week 16 Results


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Week 16 was another challenging week. The best any of our BGO'ers could do was 11-5, with two players MissU28 and Elephant leading the way. RobinTom and SNF finished 10-6 for the week, followed by servumtuum, Goaldeje, Boone, Pravda and China all at 9-7.

Don't look now folks - but last year's winner Jimbo has steadily climbed up the ladder and this week continues in a deadlock for first place with Burgundy Burner with a 152-84 record. SNF is now alone at the number 3 spot with a 150-86 record, followed by tugboat at 149-87, and lovethebeer at 146-97.

Click HERE for Week 16 results.

Click HERE for season to date rankings.

For those of you who aren't doing well so far, please continue to play the game. Things can change quickly, and don't forget we continue to offer a prize for anyone finishing with a perfect week.
Great! Now can I make up 12 games on them with one weekend left in the season? Ha!
8-8 this week and 18-14 over the last two weeks. Bah. That won't get the job done and luck is the only thing that kept me in the lead with Jimbo. It has tightened up now and anyone can still win this contest.

Good luck to all. :)
Wait, serv missed a week and is still ahead of me?

...Walks away in shame :kick_can:
I can honestly say I'm shocked at being tied for first. This season has been a pretty wild ride so come one, come all. My avatar is there for the taking.......NOT!!! ;)

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