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NFL Pickem: Week 12 Results


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Continuing a an amazing season-long trend, Week 12 of the BGO NFL Pickem Contest brought solid performances galore.

Servumtuum returned to superior form this week, tying with RobinTom at 15-1, followed by a logjam of players at 14-2 including brett4444, DMarple2, BigRedskinDaddy, and SNF.

For the year and overall contest leaders, Neophyte continues to lead with a 126-50 record, followed by servumtuum close behind at 123-53,. Four challengers are now breathing down their necks, MisterPinstripe, brett4444, Lanky Livingston, RobinTom, and China, all at 121-55.

Click HERE to view all Week 12 results.

Click HERE for total season standings after Week 12.
Ugh. This week is going to be brutal; one of those hero or zero picksheets, too many close games for my liking.
Yeah - I had the same feeling....there are a number of potential upsets. I may have to break out the Magic 8 Ball again :)
5 games back. Time to start making up some ground. It's hard when the upsets you pick don't come through though. Stupid Patriots. As if I needed any more reason to hate them.
Yeah, another ugly week shaping up. Many of the games I am hung up on would be easy to pick (or easier anyway) if they were being played at the opposite venue...
It's getting nasty-there were a couple potential upsets I wavered on for a long time before finally playing it safe-I may regret it too. Teams are jostling for Wild Card slots too-yuck!
BALLS. Got super busy at work today (and this week in general) and didn't get my picks in. 0 points for me this week, damn. Oh well, guess I'm out of it now.
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Lanky - pm me your picks and I'll enter them :)
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So they tell me :)

You're all set forgetful one.
Very cool, B. Very cool. I only wish I'd thought to throw myself on the mercy of the Tarhog when I missed mine in Week 2 or 3, whichever it was....

-say, can I submit those picks now? I've got a really good feeling about ALL those games. :cool4:
Well, this place is a long-term emotional investment - next season, we'll have most used to the software, several contests to play, and everyone will be more familiar with the pitfalls.

I'm also considering a rule next year that if anyone drops out of the contest and doesn't complete the season, they aren't eligible for prizes the next year.

We'll do some 'Voice of the Customer' stuff after year one though :)
Yep. I KNEW this week was going to be brutal. WTF is going on in Pittsburgh? Never expected the Steelers to just implode the way they have this season. OTOH, it puts a little better perspective on the 'Skins problems. Not much, but everything helps at this point...
Problem with this week was, you KNEW there were going to be lots of close games and some upsets. Calling where they'd occur was the difficulty.
The shockers for me are NE and MN. I can stomach the rest but those two I thought I knew. Wow.
Sheesh, I might as well have left my picks as a zero, lol. I had a good feeling about Tampa upsetting Carolina with Matt Moore at the helm. I also thought the Bears would contiue to implode, and lose to the Rams. Sigh.
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The shockers for me are NE and MN. I can stomach the rest but those two I thought I knew. Wow.

Well, on the positive side, everbody else picked them as well, so picking those wrong doesn't adversely effect your relative position in the standings. It's the games where the picks are split 50-50 between the two teams that you need to get right to separate yourself from the pack. C'mon Baltimore.
God-this upcoming week seems loaded with trap games-it's gonna get real crowded in the Pickem list, as if it isn't already, lol.
Problem with this week was, you KNEW there were going to be lots of close games and some upsets. Calling where they'd occur was the difficulty.
...and therein lies the rub. But then again, isn't that how it almost always is? Well, except for weeks when there are a lot slam dunk, easy calls...that very often turn out not to be quite so easy after all. :furious:

I tell ya, it's almost enough to drive a guy batty.

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