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NFL Pickem - Additional Contest Prize!


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I was thinking about those that may have missed a week, or who signed up to play, missed the first couple of weeks, figured they had no chance of winning at that point, and are no longer playing...

In order to make playing worthwhile for those who have missed a week or more of picks, we're adding a prize category. The player who finishes the season with the highest percentage of winners for a single regular season week will win a nice prize (it's a surprise). That immediately makes it worth your while to continue playing even if you're out of the overall winner competition.
Great idea guys! See, I knew you guys were really smart....in spite of what Sarge always says. :uhoh: :movefast:
So to win that someone will have to pick all of the games correct, right? Serv has already gone 15-1 in a week, hasn't he?
China, it's about to either get resolved or get real confusing. Yeah, I had a 15-1 week but right now beamish, Master Chief and myself are sitting at 13-0 with tonight's game left. They went with Minnesota, I went with Green Bay so somebody's having a 14-0 run this week-unless the fact of it being a bye-week might cloud the picture, 16 games are harder to get 100% right on. I'm leaving that little potential hitch in the laps of the owners-I'll be cool with whatever they decide.
Not necessarily China - first of all, no one wins more than one category. The way he's going, Serv may be one of the top 3. And if there's a tie for a particular week - we'll go to the total points game. So everyone remains in it for this particular prize throughout.

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