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NFC East Through My Eyes

Not all divisions are created equal


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Aug 24, 2014
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New Mexico

Lets break down what ive seen of the NFC East when looking at preseason games, injuries, and their draft picks.

New York (aka Smurfs)

The first preseason game from the Giants with their new offense showed that their offensive line is still having trouble keeping Eli from being hit. This is good new for the pass rushers as Eli has had to throw some of them away and is picked off too often for them. Their run game has some wheels, but without that O-line, it wont take too much time to stop it. Still have to worry about the deep ball since thats how they win games. Their defense does not look like it has changed so I haven't paid too much attention to it.

Dallas (aka Chokers)

As ive seen in commentary on both the NFL.com, Bleacher Report, and ESPN, the Cowboys are being called the worst defense in the NFC and maybe even the league. With holes all over their run defense, pass rushing has come to a standstill since they dropped Ware from their lineup. Also people like Witten being gone has slowed down the fast pace cross routes that plagued everyone before. Tony Romo has lost the ability of the deep ball due to his back surgeries and it looks like he is struggling to twist his body into his throws. His O-Line isnt helping there too much either. They dont have much in Depth either.

Philadelphia (Shegals)

This is the one that seems to have the talent to get them back into the NFC East championship yet again. Foles being something I did not expect to be as good as he is showing. With the loss of Jackson on their WR core, they may start using McCoy more often. The fast pace offense (That im so tired of hearing about and every team attempting to try this) is working better than expected. They do have issues with Red Zone as ive seen, they dont need it as they throw deep if the run game is slowing down. This is the competition in the East.

Washington (That name some commentators refuse to say aka Redskins)

Our defense seems to be coming back. After the horrible season last year with a secondary that couldnt cover anyone with legs, we are seeing some actual potential out there. Its not the best, but could stop a few drives to get us the win. Pass rush could be better, but Kerrigan is starting to show some promise. Our run defense seems to still be solid, although slants through the middle and screens still tear us up. Offense on the other hand scares me. Not a single touchdown by the starters over 3 games. RGIII doesnt seem to fit well as a pocket passer. Morris has struggled and I dont know why for sure. Could be they want to throw more passes to him. Im impressed by our TEs and WRs. I think we have the best talent in those positions. We just need a QB to get the ball to them.

Let me know what you saw.


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Apr 11, 2009
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Greensboro, NC

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I don't know why, but I think our main competition this season is going to come from the G-men. Why? Coughlin is one of the most underrated coaches ever, and the Giants are very rarely bad for long stretches. I think Eli, as much as we mock him, has a couple more surprisingly good seasons in him before he hangs up his cleats. I know when you look at the talent, it doesn't look to be there, but just a feeling I have that they'll be our main competition.

What about the Eagles? I think Foles is a good QB. But he's not THAT good. He comes roaring back down to Earth this season as the sophomore slump rears its ugly head. The Eagles are going to miss Jackson far more than they ever imagined - particularly when they get swept by the Skins and Jackson has a couple of career days along the way. Eagles will finish 3rd behind the Skins and Giants.

Dallas? Dallas is about to hit rock bottom. Tony Romo will be on the PUP list by week 6 and the Cowboys will have the worst turnover differential in the league.


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Aug 1, 2009
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Florida State

I think the OL of the Giants has to have made HUGE improvements in the off-season.

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