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Apr 11, 2009
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The BGO Staff has decided that we are no longer going to promote, provide an arena for, or tolerate threads, discussions, or posts of a political, religious, or overtly controversial nature on the site, nor provide a forum of any kind for that purpose. We have a wonderful community here. We started BGObsession with a lofty goal differentiating us from the vast majority of internet sites, and certainly sports-related messageboards. That was to build a community where people not only shared a common passion, but where they also cared enough about each other to commit to civil, respectful, and courteous conversation. We have been very successful in building that community. And the vast majority of you not only buy into 'What We're About', you live up to those expectations every single time you post.

But there are some who struggle. And when it comes to topics of a political, religious, or controversial nature, there are some who just aren't able to get the job done.

'If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all...'

My mom, gone for many years now, said it to me a lot growing up. I think it's a nice way to live.

So we're simply not going to have those conversations on BGO anymore. Period. It's sad that we have to take a position on what folks can and can't talk about. But some things are more important than telling the world what YOU think on every topic. Friends are more important. Relationships are more important. Community is more important.

And BGO is more important.

We hope this change brings all of us back to a better place where, despite not agreeing on whose fault the latest Godawful mess is, when the Revolution should start, who we want to prevail, and which of us are going to Hell and why, we can remember why we built this place, and why we all converged here together in the first place.


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