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Please congratulate (or offer your condolences to) Miles Monroe, aka 'Pete' on his recent elevation to BGO Staff. We first got to know brother Pete during the early days at Extremeskins and to know Pete is to love Pete. Pete followed us here when we birthed BGO in 2009, clear evidence of his impeccable taste and good judgment. He's been a BGO fixture from day one and has helped on innumerable occasions, generously offering his time and talents to projects like t-shirt design, creating site graphics and logos, and most recently by helping create the hallmark of our new site, our rotating image banner. Mark, Bob, Henry, and I felt it was high time we finally brought Pete into the fold, and after some threatening, nagging, and cajoling, we finally wore the unfortunate bastard down.

Pete - it's great to have you on staff brother!

Pete will put his considerable talents to use both in continuing to assist us with image and graphics work on the site, and also by managing our BGO Video Library which we hope to grow into the best and most comprehensive library of Redskins-related videos on the net. We're sure we'll find plenty of uses for Pete's skills as time progresses. If you'd like to see some of Pete's incredible B&W Photo Colorization work, check out his personal site

Again, please welcome Pete aboard as the latest BGO Staff Member :cheers:
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I knew it was just a matter of time. :biggrin2:

Welcome aboard, Miles.
There goes the neighborhood.

Seriously though, I'm like Mike - I already thought he was staff :laugh:

It's all about presence I suppose.
I thought if you had a key to the liquor cabinet, you were already on staff? ;)

Oh well....

Congrats Pete!
It was an easy decision, actually. Brother only uses half a parking space.
Congratulations Pete. Very much deserved.
This place has the very best moderating staff that I have ever encountered in a web forum. None of the ego and hubris is present among you like other places and the way you are able to stay above the fray while still staying engaged in debates is a skill mods from other places sure could take a lesson from.
You too Pete? Oy vey. :)

Well at least you know what you're getting yourself into.

Congrats and welcome aboard!
Thank you all for the kind words. I'm thrilled to be part of a team in which I hold the highest regard for. I'll still be hiding in the shadows doing my thing unbeknownst to most members. As Boone stated, I will make the Video Library one of my main focuses. I do ask for a bit of pittance on the part of our members, as the end result we want is par none. Given some time, it will be :)

Cheers !
For Pete's sake!

Glad to have you onboard!
Congrats Pete! Looking forward to this awesome video library!! :D
The banner is definitely the highlight of this place - figures they'd give you a key to the "city" for creating it. Great choice! :)

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