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New poll: MVP of the offense


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Sep 2, 2009
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Yeah, it's sort of like being the tallest midget in the world, but we do these polls at this time every year, so please have a look at the nominees and vote in our new poll for the MVP of the Washington Redskins offense of 2009.

Read and vote now!
I voted for Jason Campbell. Moss has been a relative disappointment, I think, and Fred Davis didn't get enough playing time, though he did well when he did play. I thought Campbell did pretty well considering the level of talent around him.
I went with Dockery. Almost voted "other" for Rabach. Dockery has been our most consistent lineman this year. Campbell played well, but had his moments. You never heard Dockery's name, which tells me he did his job.
I'd have to say Campbell but that's not saying much.
Fred Davis is w/out a doubt my pick. I was surprised at how easily he filled in for Cooley when Cooley went down. In 9 games started, he has 42 receptions, well on track to equal any season Cooley has had.
Jason Campbell, he's a strong leader for the offense. No matter how many times that kid was sacked, knocked down or even slammed down he got right back up and played.

He's a warrior.
Hmmm, that's a tough one. :new_idea: How about the scoreboard clock operator for $500? If he's good, he could probably shave a good 3 to 5 minutes off the playing time, thus giving us all back a few extra minutes of our lives. After that the pickings get awfully slim with regard to excellence on our offensive team.
Jason Campbell
I think Jason wins through default. He does get an A for effort though and I admire his work ethic.
I don't know man. I mean, he came along, but early in the year, when the lne was "good", he was horrible
The line was never good. Both Thomas and Samuels entered the season with limiting injuries and the team was dominated up fron from the opener against the Giants forward.

That's one of Vinny Cerrato's half-lies.

He liked to talk about all the transition during the season up front but failed to mention the veterans' injuries PRE-DATED the start of the season.

And as such the team should have been smart enough to prepare better for the likelihood that backups would see action.

All the more reason NOT to hold a roster spot open for a player like Mike Williams that himself was not ready to play.
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i suppose you could give it to jason based on sheer guts alone, but does this offense really deserve mvp recognition?

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