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Apr 11, 2009
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First of all - welcome to the most intelligent community of Washington Redskins fans on the web! :cheers:

I thought I'd take a few minutes to give you some info on the site and also provide some direction on what we have to offer here and save you some bumbling and stumbling over your first weeks here.

We always recommend that new members do a couple of things. First of all, if you haven't already done so, head over to the Introductions thread and tell us a little about yourself. We also ask you to take a moment and read What We're About. We're not your average messageboard. We provide great customer service to our members and we expect a lot of you in return.

One thing you may find difficult to find is our list of Posting Rules. That's because we don't have a list of posting rules. It makes numbering them a lot easier :) The rules are 'treat other members with respect and civility, the same way you want to be treated'. We do frown on heated debate over politics, religious views, or other controversial topics, not because those aren't worthy discussion topics, but because we've found most struggle to maintain civility and respect while doing so. There are a wealth of other Internet forums where folks may engage one another on those topics - we are a Redskins fan community. Passionate, energetic, and even emotional discussion on almost any other topic is absolutely fine. Posting with a lack of respect, civility, or friendliness will get you gone from here very quickly. Follow the Golden Rule and you'll thrive here. Don't and you won't. That's it.

You may also find it useful to view our About Us page where you'll be introduced to the best internet messageboard staff in America.

We have lots of forums here - but our two largest are obviously the 'Sons of Washington' forum where we discuss all-things-Redskins, and then our '5 O'Clock Club' forum for anything else you might want to share.
We encourage you to always come to BGO via our 'Home' page. If you simply bookmark our site at you'll always arrive there. We update the homepage continuously with breaking Redskins news, articles, and unique content including member blog entries. If you make a great post, don't be surprised to see it show up there. If you 'bookmark' the Forums page, or an individual page on the site, you'll miss a lot of fantastice content, features, and site announcements highlighted on our Home page.

One of the aspects of BGO that sets us apart from most other sites is our focus on member-produced content. Once you've been here for a bit and made some posts, you'll be able to start your own blog if that's something you've dreamed of doing. We'll be glad to help you get set up if you're interested. You can access new blog entries from the Blogs page, or via our collapsible sidebar that shows up on almost every page on BGO. The sidebar also shows new posts, new threads, recently 'liked' posts, and our most popular threads.

We have some great contests here at BGO! We run one of the best NFL Pickem contests anywhere - and certainly one of the most competitive. Our current champ is Om. We also host annual 'Survivor' and of course our infamous 'BGO Ballers' Fantasy Football leagues every year.

There are a ton of features here on BGO that you won't find on those 'other sites'. We have an awesome Arcade with over 3000 games to choose from. We like to see what the geographic footprint of our membership is, so we ask you to take a minute to add yourself to our Member Map. We have one of the largest libraries of historic Redskins Media Guides anywhere.

And by far, our most popular feature, are our BGO Chatrooms. Every gameday, you'll find a group of diehards gathered in our 'Fed Ex Field' chatroom to enjoy the game together. We invite you to join us on game day! You can access the chatrooms by clicking on the 'Chatrooms' button located on the chatbar at the bottom of your screen. You can also instant message and privately converse with other online members by clicking on the 'Who's Online' link and clicking on a member's name.

If you like to access your favorite new forum via a phone or mobile device, we strongly encourage you to install the 'Tapatalk' app on your phone. You can browse the forums here without it, but the Tapatalk experience is really great and it will increase your enjoyment when surfing BGO on your mobile device.

On our Home page, you'll find we have a Countdown Clock to help you keep track of the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you can get your next Redskins fix. We also have links to our Schedule Page, and lots of other cool resources like our 'NFL Spy' app, which makes perusing messageboards in enemy territory and other official team sites just a click or two away.

We also invite you to join our Facebook Page and to follow us on Twitter so you can get instant alerts when anything exciting is going on with our Redskins or on BGO.

There's lots more to know about BGObsession, but these are some of the highlights. If you decide you think the site is as wonderful as we do, we also encourage you to help us keep the lights on and improvements coming by becoming a BGO Premium Member. All premium membership and donated funds go directly to improving and maintaining the site.

We are excited you've found our wonderful community. If there's anything we can help you with, please don't hesitate to let us know. If all this clean, crisp WHITE is too much for you, you can ease into things by flipping your screen view to 'BGO Black' :)

We're glad you're here and HAIL!

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