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May 13, 2010
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Hello From Philadelphia, I am surrounded by Eagles and Steelers fans but fly my Redskins Flag proudly!! Just wondering if there are any other PA Redskins Fans on the Board?
Welcome :cheers:
Not sure if we've got any Philly reps here...Our 'Fan Map' went defunct a few months ago, but we're looking for a replacement.

We do have many members living in 'enemy territory' of some kind. Glad you found us and hope you enjoy BGO!
Are you all-DC sports guy? Or one of those Skins fans that roots for the Philles and Flyers? Because I will totally judge you and call you names if so.

j/k - Welcome to the board!
Lanky, I am not a all D.C. sports fan, I'm not a huge baseball fan and have never rooted for the Phillies...I do root for the flyers, I've been a Flyers fan longer then I have been a Skins Fan and thats a long time...Thanks for the Welcome:)
2004 i played football for the team the 1st year they started in 2000 under coach snellinburger (sp?) is he still there? wut year u graduate?
2004 i played football for the team the 1st year they started in 2000 under coach snellinburger (sp?) is he still there? wut year u graduate?

I graduated in 2003, then went on to grad school there as well. You played for the football team? I was at the first ever home game @ Pro-Player stadium vs. Slippery-Rock in 2001 - still have the ticket stub! I also went with a few friends to the first ever bowl game in New Orleans 2 years ago, although I guess you were probably off the team at that point?

Fun times!
Yeah i got a high ankle sprain in 2001 after that I played FS in 02 but kinda became a school boy the team wasn't that good division 2 (2 or 3 players went pro - i think the QB, LB and a FS), i miss the hitting I modeled my game like s taylor.
I remember Jared Allen went to a few training camps, but I don't think he stuck anywhere. I also remember Laskowski got an invite to a camp somewhere. Real intelligent guy, I met him while he was taking a tour of the SeaTech facility, and I "explained" particle image velocimetry to him and he picked up the general concept really quickly. He was a little small for the NFL though. Parker and Bynes got invites too, according to a quick google search - interesting that Bynes didn't stick anywhere. That kid caught everything!

The one guy I'm really surprised didn't stick on an NFL team was Frantz Joseph - he was a beast for the Owls, had a real nose for the ball. I guess he couldn't learn the NFL game? Who knows.

As far as I know, the only Owl ever with a chance to make the Redskins was DB Corey Small who got a tryout. I think the first guy to make a 53-man roster from FAU will be Tavious Polo. Great DB and fast!

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