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Name That Washington Player

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The offseason is here and we undoubtedly will have a ton to talk about between a new coaching hire, free agency, and the draft. Beyond that, we will then hit a dry spell after minicamp.

I am starting a running thread called "Name That Washington Player." Use it to fill in your spare time when you are bored, or any time you want to brush up on you Burgundy and Gold history.

The way it works is as follows:

a) pick a Washington player (any era).
b) chart their pro career by identifying only the teams they played on in order from when they entered the league to when they called it quits.
c) have BGO guess the identity of the player you selected based on the team list you provide.
d) the first person who responds with the correct answer to your clue must continue the chain with a new player and set of clues.

Clear as mud? Let's see what we can make of this, BGO!

I will start with a relatively easy one just to get us going. Make your player selections be as challenging or obscure as you wish!

Player #1: Seahawks, Redskins, Patriots

Who am I?
Player #3- Redskins

(Clue- for anyone who knows me from this and that other place, this should be easy)
Player #4 - Green Bay, Jacksonville, Washington, New Orleans, NY Jets
That was a mind bender - Jim Lachey, for some reason my brain went into the Schroeder trade because I don't recall us signing any former Raiders in FA that stood out
Om - is it Trung Canidate? He was drafted by STL, played in Washington and went to camp in 2004 in Carolina and was then out of the league?
That is a sneaky one, Om! Easy to forget that "big country" Stephen Davis squeezed one last year in St. Louis! This is lots of fun so far!
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Will stay on the easy side here...these are early days...

Player #9: Patriots - Dolphins - Eagles - Redskins

Who am I?
Someone not named Tom Brady?? Did I win?

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