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Name 1st Four Opponents...


...Win a shirt from the BGO Catalog

Yeah, it's short notice. I haven't talked to Boone, or any of the guys about it yet. But here it is.

Name the 1st four opponents, win a shirt. Paid for by me.

Correct order would obviously be the Royal Straight Flush. But all four correct, in order or not, would be tough to beat, me thinks.

Division Opponents must be picked as Home/Away. Anything without an @ will be considered home.

Any and all ties will be settled by me, with assistance from mods where necessary. If you don't like them rules, then don't play. It's costing you nothing. When it comes to this contest, I....am....Spartacus.

BTW, I just thought of this. So, I reserve the right to add to this before 7:00pm EST.

My picks. Oh, hell yes I can win.

1. @Pittsburgh
2.@New Orleans
3. Dallas
4. @Giants

Yeah, the NFL hates us even more now.

Edit: Shirt is to be a T-Shirt.
One entry per person. One winner only.
Picking Sun/Night/Monday will NOT be a tie breaker.
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1. Philadelphia
2. @St. Louis
3. @New Orleans
4. Dallas
@ Philadelphia
@ Dallas

I had a change of heart on my original choices and had to reassess things. I came to the conclusion the NFL isn't going to do the obvious.

I think we'll have a Sunday Night and Monday Night game in those first 4 as well.
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Cool idea.

I won't play for the shirt, but I will for grins.

@ Philly
@ Tampa
NY Giants


By the way....tshile, you're a sadist. :paranoid:
@ Dallas
vs. Bucs
vs Panthers
@ Eagles

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Looks like Lanky, and Dreaminwolf had two each.

And Lanky, by virtue of getting the Rams correct at #2, is the winner.

Did I miss anything?
I guess lanky wins, we both had the most right (2) but he nailed st louis in week 2.

I see it that way too Ax
Was hoping there would be a few more participants, even with the late start.

Oh well, maybe laid some groundwork for the future.

Congrats Lanky!
Hey hey! They have college games scheduled at FedEx the Saturdays before weeks 2 and 3, so I figured there was a good chance we'd be on the road. Lucky guess with St. Louis. :)
Can I wait until next Friday to decide what shirt I want? :)

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