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My son. Not a big football fan yet but he gets it :)


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Jul 15, 2009
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Burleson, TX
Sitting here watching NFL countdown with my 7 yr. old. They show the wonderful image of Tony Romo fumbling the field goal snap and then sitting dejected on the field. From across the room my boy lets out a great big evil sounding cackle/giggle and looks over at me smiling. As it should be. :)
Heh, sweet. :)

Last night my 7 year old had a friend over to spend the night and at one point my son Ryan and the 4 year old Evan were leading "Dallas Sucks!" chants. Made my heart swell with pride I tell ya. :)
That's awesome, Steven. It's always great when your kids taking a liking to the things you like. And when it's something as huge as the Redskins, well, that's just off the charts.

Reminds me of when my oldest was about 3. I was getting her dressed one Sunday afternoon, and I said, "Go tell mommy I put on your 'Dallas socks.'" She did, and it sounded for all the world like 'Dallas sucks.'

About a week later, my grandmother was over for dinner, and I looked at my daughter and said, "Tell Mom Mom about your Dallas socks." She looks right at me and says, "No, Daddy! Not Dallas socks. Dallas SUCKS!"

That's my baby. :)

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