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My Slice Of Humble Pie - Courtesy of Jay Cutler

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Oct 1, 2009
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I have a confession to make and it's not easy being w-r-r-r - eh, incorrect. Sometimes you have to suck it up and admit the obvious. Football can be a very humbling game for players, coaches, managers, owners, cheerleaders, waterboys, etc. It can be quite humbling for fans as well.

I'm here to admit that the mancrush I had for Jay Cutler as we were courting him during the 2009 offseason was a huge mistake. I was thoroughly convinced that he was the answer to our quarterback woes and could deliver us from signal caller purgatory. Some of you may recall that I was more than adamant about making a trade and doing what was necessary in order to have him as our franchise centerpiece. Yes, I was w-r-r-r - eh, mistaken in the hopes that he could come to Washington and be a savior for our struggling offense.

I realize that Donovan McNabb had a poor outing on Sunday, but this is not the norm for him and he will atone for his actions in the future. At this juncture, I can't say the same for Jay Cutler and his propensity for delivering overwhelming numbers of turnovers for the competition. Jay Cutler almost single-handedly gave this game to the Washington Redskins and for that poor showing, we can be grateful. We can be thankful that Cerrato/Snyder didn't outbid the Bears on that fateful day.
BB, jury is still out on Cutler. I didn't like his attitude either, and for that reason, I'm willing to consider that you may be R-r-r-i-i- correct. :) But let's remember that Lovie is not a very good coach. And Martz is considered a genius, but he is getting Cutler killed with his crazy "protection" schemes. Not willing to write off Cutler just yet. If he was in a real NFL system with blocking, he might look better.
Mike, it's easy to be wrong and hard to admit it. :biggrin2:

G, I may need to catch the game on repeat if the NFL Network carries it this week. I can only go on what I've heard and the highlight reel.
The Bears were keeping 6 or 7 in to block quite a bit yesterday and we were still able to get good pressure on Cutler. If we get that kind of play out of Big Al a little more often the middle is going to be just fine. His sack was impressive as was his goal line play.

Still, the key to the game yesterday was our inability to take advantage of great field position early and the fact that Cutler is an arrogant rock-head.

I thought Steinberg's blog was hilarious. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2010/10/jay_cutler_not_scared_of_deang.html
G, I may need to catch the game on repeat if the NFL Network carries it this week. I can only go on what I've heard and the highlight reel.

Yeah, I hear you. After the Colts game, considering Addai killed us, I would have thought the gameplan against us would be constituted around running the ball, and sticking with it, even if not successful early. Instead, they abandoned the run and even the short passing game far too early, imo. Forte seems to do most of his damage using screens and the short passing game.

Given how the Colts beat us through a hurry up offense and largely short passes, I was pretty surprised to see that Lovie and Martz incorporated neither of those.

In other words, I think Cutler could have looked better with a better gameplan.
I just remember how good Cutler looked against Dallas when his QB rating was over 100. I'm more inclined to think a lack of confidence in the O-Line and the wind were among the factors in his poor performance. He seldom looked this bad under Shanahan, once he got comfortable with the scheme so it could be the new Martz scheme is causing him issues as well. I just don't think the Bears were a good fit for him.
I don't doubt the talent of Cutler. I have doubts about his leadership, his focus, his non-chalant ways, and his ability to wilt so easily under pressure. I really don't have these concerns with Donovan.

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