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My first book


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Jul 16, 2011
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A couple of people have asked me about my book which is pretty amazing and touching.

For those of you who don't know my first novel is coming out this Fall, it is being published by a small Californian publisher called Dailey Swan. My biggest fear is that the recent collapse of Borders doesn't hurt them too much because the margins at a small press from what I understand aren't very big. Anyway, this is a dream come true and something that I plan to work on and enjoy as much as possible.

The book is called "A Climbing Stock" and it's a fractured fairy tale for adults. You can find out a bit more here. If you guys want I'll keep you in the loop as things progress. Below, is a link where you can see the book's cover and a little summary/tease.


I actually live in MD, but the publisher is based in Northern CA sort of between Sacramento and San Francisco. I had an incredible adventure in May over in California where I got to meet, write, and perform with some of the original Jim Henson Muppet actors. I was in geek heaven over that.
Thanks again and absolutely. I won't even charge for the autograph ;)
Way cool. I'll be 50 next year - a milestone that frankly, while I'm not obsessive in any way about youth, figures to rock my world. One of my life goals is to write a novel. At some point, I'm just going to have to decide to do it. Props to someone who's taken that leap and best of luck with your first!
Any idea if it will be available for the Kindle? I promise to buy it either way, just more convenient if possible.
Thanks Boone and Goal.

I believe it will be available for the Kindle. What I've been told is that it is probably the greatest Christmas stocking stuffer ever. So, don't buy one... buy at least 30 ;).

Seriously though, I appreciate the support!
If you need help photographing something for the cover, El can help.
If you need help selling the book, I can help.
If you need help toasting your success with a cold one, Mike can help.

I don't actually know what anyone else does, but I'm sure they will all be willing to help too.

Umm Goal...thanks but maybe Neo wants the photography job? :betterwink:

Kudos burgold! That is a great accomplishment. I hope it takes off for you.
May your book enjoy meteoric success, and be made into a movie. That's when I'll get to see it. Haven't been much of a book reader since I got out of school.

Hope to see your, "My Tenth Novel" thread one day.
A movie would be an incredible dream come true. I could use some movie money. May not be quite as good as NFL money, but that would be cool as heck.

Not to mention seeing my vision recreated in visual, living format.
burgold, congratulations and best of luck. You piqued my interest by using the phrase "fractured fairy take." Rocky and Bullwinkle was a wonderfully witty cartoon show and Edward Everett Horton had the perfect voice for Fractured Fairy Tales. Now I'll have to read your book-see what you've done? :)
Awesome, burgold! I have been eagerly anticipating your first book ever since I first heard about it at the "other site." Good to hear its finally on its way to getting out there!

If the Borders thing causes the deal to fall through, what are the chances you can self-publish, or find another publisher?
I don't know that I would self-publish... although, if I did I would probably try to strike a deal with Amazon to go straight to Kindle. That way I'd only have to make a PDF and all my costs would be practically niled out except for marketing.

My agent says she's got her ear to the ground and has some options if they fall through. Of course, that would probably restart the countdown clock :(

I'm hopeful that everything is still on. I haven't heard anything negative, but I tend to be cynical (defensive mech) about these things.

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